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TPConnects provides SaaS based platform for travel agencies with their own Website, B2B Platform integrated with agencies own supplier credentials.

The Middleware allows agencies to manage multiple Point of Sales, User Roles, Create Mark-ups, Manage Deal, Create Sub Agents etc. is an agency desktop tool where agencies can connect their NDC + GDS + LCC credential to search, compare, book, issue tickets, add ancillaries and manage aftersales like reissue, refund, void etc. 

User Demonstration

View TPConnects' user demonstration using Qantas Distibution Platform content through their platform.

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Qantas Channel and Approved Technology Partners

Qantas Channel

Qantas Channel

To access content and offers via the Qantas Distribution Platform, your agency must first register for the Qantas Channel and then nominate an Approved Technology Partner. Learn more about how to register for the Qantas Channel.

Register for the Qantas Channel
Approved Tech Partners

Approved Technology Partners

Explore more Approved Technology Partners that deliver Qantas Distribution Platform content and offers to travel agencies registered with the Qantas Channel.

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Important Information

*Please consider your own business needs before choosing TPConnects as your nominated Approved Technology Partner to access content and offers via the Qantas Distribution Platform.