What are the benefits of the Qantas Distribution Platform?

The Qantas Distribution Platform enables Qantas to modernise the way we retail to customers in the indirect channel.

Product innovation

Because Qantas is now responsible for creating the customer’s offer, we are able to innovate and deliver new and exciting products to market quickly. Qantas plans to continuously introduce new types of products to Travel Agencies via the Qantas Distribution Platform.

More options for Travel Agents to source Qantas content and offers

Because the Qantas Distribution Platform utilises the IATA NDC standards, we are able to distribute offers to Travel Agents via a wider range of options. Travel Agencies may now choose to source Qantas Distribution Platform offers from GDSs, as well as other Approved Technology Partners. Travel Agencies may even choose to invest in their own technology and connect directly to the Qantas Distribution Platform. 

Seamless shopping, booking and servicing

The Qantas Distribution Platform seeks to modernise the shopping, booking and servicing experience for Travel Agents. The Qantas Distribution platform provides richer information about Qantas products and services during shopping so that customers can book with confidence. The Qantas Distribution Platform also allows Qantas to address traditional pain points in the agency servicing experience by streamlining processes and increasing automation. 

New types of offers

Over recent years, there has been a divergence in the types of offers available in the indirect channel compared to the direct channel. One of the main benefits of the Qantas Distribution Platform is that it enables Qantas to distribute new offers in the indirect channel that were previously only available on Qantas.com. These new offers will create new revenue opportunities for Qantas and our Travel Agencies. Qantas intends to release a range of new and dynamic offers, including ancillary and frequent flyer offers via the Qantas Distribution Platform.   

Tailored and personalised offers

Customers increasingly expect offers to include products and services that recognise their loyalty and meet their unique needs. Qantas is committed to providing the very best service to our customers. The Qantas Distribution Platform has a sophisticated merchandising engine that is able to create offers that are tailored to the unique needs of our customers. 

Reduced risk of errors

Because Qantas is now responsible for creating the offer to the Travel Agent, the likelihood of errors will reduce. A key benefit for Travel Agents is that the incidence of Agency Debit Memos (ADMs) should  also decline as Qantas Distribution Platform bookings increase.