Qantas (081) Refund Policy

The refund of Qantas (081) tickets is permitted within 13 months from date of ticket issue. After this time, the ticket expires and can no longer be refunded.  

There are two types of Refunds which can be submitted to Qantas:

  1. GDS Automated Refund: submitted automatically through the GDS.
  2. BSPlink Manual Refund: submitted through BSPlink when the refund cannot be processed as a GDS automated refund

Some Qantas fares are non-refundable and cancellation or other penalties may apply. Please check the fare rules before requesting a refund and also the fare rules of previous fares if the ticket has been reissued.

Note: Please refer to the Qantas and Other Airline Schedule Policy if your customer requires a refund due to involuntary schedule change.

Once the ticket is submitted for refund, it cannot then be used at a later date as credit towards another ticket.

We offer a Refund Calculation Service to help you determine the refund amount due. Further details on this service can be found below. The Qantas Agency Connect Team does not assist with refund calculations.

Credit Card Payment Fees are only refundable if the ticket is fully unused and there are no cancellation penalties on the ticket. Any GST applied to the ticket is also non-refundable.

IATA Resolution 890 states that a refund must be made to the original form of payment (FOP). Customers whose credit card has been lost, stolen or has expired, Qantas will still process any refund to the card number used for payment and customers will need to claim funds from the issuing bank.

If multiple forms of payment are used on an eTicket, particularly when a ticket has been reissued, refunds must be made to each of the forms of payment used.  All GDS’s have the ability to refund to multiple forms of payment however, to avoid ADM’s being raised, if unsure, please submit your refund via BSPLink for manual processing.

General Information

GDS Automated Refund

Refer to your GDS provider for further information and assistance with GDS automated refunds.

Refunds can be submitted through your GDS provided the ticket is:

  • Issued by the same IATA ticketing location
  • Submitted for refund within 12 months from date of issue
  • Submitted for refund up to 13 months from date of issue if still active within the GDS
  • Unused or partially used
  • Coupons to be refunded are ‘open’ status
  • Any future flight segments are cancelled

Service Fee
There is no Qantas Service Fee for GDS automated refunds

Refund Calculation Process

The refund value is calculated through the GDS as follows:

  • For an unused ticket, this is based on the cancellation fee you enter manually.
  • For a partially used ticket, this is based on the coupons travelled and the cancellation fee you enter manually.

Check the refund value is correct before you submit.

When the Qantas (081) ticket refund is not in Australian Dollars (AUD)
When the original payment has been made in a currency other than Australian Dollars (AUD), the refund is processed at the original exchange rate used when the ticket was issued and not the exchange rate applicable on the date the refund is submitted.

Once the GDS Automated Refund Application is Submitted

  • The refund is processed in approximately fifteen (15) business days
  • The progress of the refund can be tracked through BSPlink, your agency BSP statement or through your wholesaler or consolidator
  • The ticket status will display as ‘R’ (refunded)
  • The ticket cannot then be used as stored credit at a later date towards another ticket.

Refund Errors
If an error occurs when processing a GDS automated refund you can request:

  • Reversal - provided this is completed on the same day as the refund is submitted.
  • Adjustment - Qantas can investigate adjustments once the ticket appears on the BSP statement, generally two (2) weeks after the automated refund transaction. A Refund Service Fee of A$60 will apply to all corrections made by Qantas.

Follow the below instructions if an error occurs when refunding Qantas (081) tickets:

Under Refund

If the requested refund amount is less than the refund amount the customer is entitled to, please email with ‘GDS Automated Refund Error’ in the subject line and include full details of the error including the calculation of the refund.
Qantas Refunds will raise a Refund Notice (RN).

Over Refund

If the requested refund amount is more than the refund amount the customer is entitled to, please email with ‘Automated Refund Error’ in the subject line and include full details of the error including re-calculation of the refund.
Qantas Refunds will raise an Agency Debit Memo (ADM) to adjust the refunded amount.

No Record of Refund

If the refund has not been reported on your BSP statement, but the ticket status has changed to ‘R’ (refunded), please submit a manual refund application through BSPlink with an explanation of the error.

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BSPLink Manual Refund

Refunds are submitted through BSPlink when the refund cannot be processed as a GDS automated refund - please refer to Key Definitions for details. These include:

  • Tickets to be refunded against a Qantas Agency Connect authority
  • Adjustment refund (fare/tax)
  • Agency Credit Memo (ACM)
  • Child issued as adult ticket in error
  • Compassionate – death or grave Illness
  • Involuntary Downgrade
  • Duplicate Qantas tickets
  • EMD refund
  • Mismatch Qantas tickets
  • Residual unused taxes
  • Residual Value Refund
  • Schedule change
  • Ticket issued in error at zero value
  • Ticket or coupon uplifted in error
  • Refusal of visa*
  • Unused QF Channel Fee
  • Multiple Forms of Payment

* A ‘travel not authorised’ response from visa waiver programmes such as ESTA (USA) and eTA (Canada) does not constitute a visa refusal.

Once the ticket is submitted for refund the ticket status will show ‘R’ (refunded) and it can no longer be used as credit towards another ticket.

Service Fee

There is no Service Fee for BSPlink Manual Refunds, however a Service Fee of A$60 applies if:

  • The refund was eligible for a GDS automated refund but was submitted as a BSPlink Manual Refund
  • A guaranteed EMD issued via a GDS ticket changer is submitted through BSPlink for refund instead of being auto refunded through the GDS

Prior to Submitting the Manual Refund Application

  • All travel must be completed
  • Any future flight segments must be cancelled

Submitting the Manual Refund Application

  • Submit online through BSPlink – check the BSPlink homepage for further instructions
  • Submit the refund against the ticket number of the last ticket issued in the sequence
  • Indicate the ticket number and coupons applicable for refund for reissued tickets
  • Provide the below supporting information:
  1. The reason for the refund in the comments field
  2. Copies of supporting documentation
  3. Contact details

Once the Manual Refund Application is Submitted

  • The refund is processed in approximately fifteen (15) business days
  • The ticket status will show ‘R’ (refunded)
  • The progress of the application can be tracked using BSPlink (refer to BSP statement) or by referring to the wholesaler or consolidator

Refund processing may take longer during peak periods of major disruption and global events.

Calculation Process

Qantas applies IATA fare and ticketing principles when calculating refunds.

The Domestic Ticket Reissue Policy or International Ticket Reissue Policy together with the fare rules of the ticketed fare are used to calculate any applicable refund value due.

(a) If no portion of a ticket has been used, the refund will be the full amount of the fare paid, less any applicable penalty fees, GST and Service Fee (where applicable).

(b) If a portion of the ticket has been used, refunds are assessed using the following checklist:

  • What portion of the journey on the ticket has been flown?
  • What is the fare for the journey flown that was applicable for sale at commencement of travel and date of ticket issue?

○ The journey flown must meet the conditions of the fare chosen

○ The fare chosen for reassessment must be of equal or higher value

  • The fare must be permitted to be used for refund assessment purposes. The rule application (RU) should state ‘may be used for reassessing the refund of a partially travelled ticket’. In all other cases, a fully unrestricted fare such as YOW or JOW must be used. 
  • The booking class of a one way fare chosen for reassessment must be the same or higher than the ticketed fare.



The manual refund calculation result can be viewed online through BSPlink. The result will provide your agency with a complete breakdown of the refund including fare, ticket taxes and any cancellation fees and/or administration fees.


Please email for any queries relating to an authorised or rejected refund request in BSPlink.

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Additional Information

Refund Calculation Service

The refund calculation service is applicable to all Qantas (081) validated tickets issued by travel agents in Australia. It provides accurate refund information and can assist in deciding whether to proceed with the refund or to retain the ticket in credit for future travel. The calculation includes a breakdown of applicable fare, taxes and penalties.

The refund calculation will be provided within 3 business days and is valid for 90 days from the date of the quote. Aged and exchanged tickets require greater investigation for review and may take longer to assess.

Service Fee 
The Refund Calculation Service Fee is A$20 (including GST) per ticket and is collected through the issuance of an Agency Debit Memo (ADM) when processing is complete. There is no fee to proceed with a refund after the refund calculation is provided, as long as the refund is resubmitted through BSPlink within 90 days from the date of the quote.

Process to Obtain a Refund Calculation:

  • Submit a ‘Refund Application’ through BSPlink
  • Add ‘Refund Calculation Request Only’ in the ‘Reason for Refund’ field. This must be included to prevent a refund from being automatically processed and ensures that only the refund calculation is provided.

The refund calculation can be viewed in BSPlink using the ‘RA’ (Refund Application) number or the ticket number ‘Document Enquiry’

To Proceed With the Refund

  • Submit online through BSPlink - further instruction on this process can be found on the BSPlink homepage
  • Add ‘Proceed with Refund’ in the ‘Reason for Refund’ field
  • Once the refund application is submitted it cannot be reversed and the refund will be processed.

You will be able to view the refund on your next BSP statement.

Ticket in Credit 
If a refund is not required and the ticket is being used as credit towards another ticket at a later time, no further action is required.

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