Ticketing Jetstar Fares on Qantas

What's new?

From Tuesday, 7 March 2023, travel agents will be able to book and ticket Jetstar’s Flex Bundle in their GDS and the Plus Bundle option for selected routes has been removed.


Until August 2022, if an Australian travel agent wanted issue a Jetstar Group (JQ, 3K or GK) itinerary in the GDS, they would follow Jetstar's ticketless booking process. Agents outside Australia would issue a ticket on Hahn Air (HR) ticket stock. 

In August, Jetstar introduced the ability for travel agents to book JQ, 3K and GK flights via their GDS and issue their customer’s ticket on QF (081) ticket stock without the need for a Qantas fare on the ticket. Additionally, the GDS tariff on Jetstar fares changed to include a C-class seat only option. 

From 4 August 2022, the following Jetstar Group itinerary types can be issued on QF tickets:

  • Domestic Jetstar only fares
  • Domestic Jetstar and Qantas fares
  • International Jetstar only fares
  • International Jetstar and Qantas fares – on select routes
  • Jetstar Japan and Jetstar Asia fares are permitted.

What is changing from 7 March 2023?

Much of the growth in ticketing bookings has come from corporate travel agents, so the Flex Bundle has been made available in the GDS as it is the preferred fare of business travellers, offering:

  • No change fees for date, time or name changes (domestic only) until 3 hours before departure
  • 14kg carry-on baggage allowance
  • Up front seating
  • Option to be held in credit
  • Free change on day of flight to same date and route in same or higher class in same cabin

The Plus Bundle GDS classes have been re-purposed as Flex Bundle on most routes.

Not all Jetstar fares are available for sale through the GDS

Can a Jetstar fare issued on 081 ticket stock be held in credit?

Flex fares only can be held in credit. As per GDS fare rules, this is not possible on Starter, Starter Plus, Starter Max or Business fares unless approved by Jetstar under extenuating circumstances, outside of fare rules.

When holding a Flex fare in credit, you must cancel the existing flight three hours before the scheduled departure time, so the ticket coupon remains open. Rebooking of future travel MUST occur within ticket validity. 

I have booked a Flex fare. How does my client catch an earlier or later flight on the same day for free?

You can make this flight change via the GDS, alternatively by contacting Jetstar Trade Support or the airport service desk.

When reissuing in the GDS rebooking can be in O, N, M, L, K, Q, R, S, T, V or Y to allow the for same day change without penalty.                  

From 30 April*, passenger will be able to manage this flight change using Manage My Booking on jetstar.com

Which routes will the Plus bundle remain available on?

Plus Bundle fares will remain available for purchase on the following routes in K, L, M, N and O classes:


Fare Type Starter Starter + 20 kg Starter Plus Starter Max Business Max
Face Classes C H K, L, M, N, O Q, R, S, T, V, Y J
Included baggage Nil 20 kg  20 kg  30 kg  30 kg 
Cabin baggage 7 kg combined weight
1 main + 1 small item
7 kg combined weight
1 main + 1 small item
7 kg combined weight
1 main + 1 small item
7 kg combined weight
1 main + 1 small item
14 kg combined weight
2 main + small item
(Main item must not weigh more than 7 kg per piece)
Fare Rules https://www.jetstar.com/au/en/help/articles/fare-rulesOpens in a new tab or window

Where do agents go for help?

For ticketing support for tickets issued for wholly Jetstar fares please – contact Jetstar Trade SupportOpens in a new tab or window via Live Chat or call 1300 042 394 if travel is imminent.

For ticketing support for tickets issued with a combination of Qantas and Jetstar fares, please refer to the Qantas Agency Connect site or call 13 17 11 if travel is imminent.

Where can I get further information?

For all Qantas policies regarding issuing and servicing QF tickets refer to the  Qantas Agency Connect site.

For all Jetstar policies regarding the carriage of JQ customers refer to Jetstar – Travel AgentsOpens in a new tab or window.


The following FAQs apply to Jetstar Group (JQ, 3K and GK) fares issued on Qantas (QF-081) tickets.

Booking and Ticketing

Infants and Children

Making Changes

Schedule Change and Disruption

Specific Needs/Assistance

If your customer requires assistance when travelling with Qantas or Jetstar, refer to the relevant information provided on Qantas Agency Connect under Specific Needs and Specific Assistance on Jetstar Information CentreOpens in a new tab or window. Contact the operating airline for any further advice, information and assistance.

Booking Ancillary Services