Policies and Processes

Guidance on issuing and reissuing your customer's ticket.

Policy Summary
Domestic Ticket Reissue Policy Read this policy in conjunction with the rules of the Australian domestic fare being changed.
International Ticket Reissue Policy These definitions and principles apply to the reassessment and reissue of all Qantas (081) International tickets for Qantas fares in all cabins and booking classes at the time of reissue.
Qantas payment policy The payment methods accepted by Qantas from Agents.
Qantas ticket validity The validity of Qantas (081) tickets is determined by whether the ticket is for Australian domestic or international travel.
Ticketing Jetstar Fares on Qantas Travel agents will be able to book and ticket Jetstar’s Flex Bundle in their GDS and the Plus Bundle option for selected routes has been removed.
Ticketing Time Limit Information A ticketing time limit (TTL) applies to all Qantas fares and is identified in the fare quote at the time of quoting your customer’s booking. 
Ticket Revalidation The following guidelines identify whether your customer’s ticket can be revalidated or reissued.
Ticket Validation to Qantas 081 When am I Permitted to Issue a Qantas (081) Ticket