Guides and Information

Technical guidance for your ticketing queries.

Policy Summary
Base Commission Base commission can be claimed through BSP for the following fares where the ticket is issued in Australia on Qantas (081) and travel originates in Australia.
Change Fee Information Tickets issued on Qantas (081) may be subject to change fees depending on the ticketed fare rules. These change fees do not include any Qantas or Travel Agent service fees.
Class Mismatch A class mismatch occurs when a ticket is issued in one class and the booking is in a different class. The class in your customer’s booking must match the class shown on their ticket.
Currency Conversion Guide The following guide can be used when converting currencies for tickets being reissued in Australia.
Infant and Child Fare & Ticketing Guidelines The following information applies to infants and accompanied children when booking and ticketing Qantas (QF) fares or combined QF and Jetstar (JQ) fares.
No Show Information A no show occurs when a customer fails to check in for or board a confirmed flight. 
Preventing auto cancellation Qantas applies an auto cancellation process on all Australian domestic and international fares.
Qantas NDC Booking Time Limits For Qantas NDC bookings, two different time limits apply to an unticketed order.
Ticketing Time Limit Information A ticketing time limit (TTL) applies to all Qantas fares and is identified in the fare quote at the time of quoting your customer’s booking.