Suspend Coupon

If you need to suspend a coupon on your customer’s Australian domestic ticket please complete our online Suspend Coupon Service Request. 

The following Australian domestic fares may be suspended:

Red eDeal Fares

  • Booked in E, O, Q, N, S, V, L, M classes
  • Do not permit changes on day of departure 
  • The coupon will be suspended automatically within several hours of no-show without action by you
  • The coupon can be suspended if the customer cancels their flight and forfeits the coupon on day of travel

Flex Fares

  • Booked in K, H, B, Y classes
  • Permit changes up to 30 minutes prior to scheduled flight departure time 
  • Can only be suspended if the customer has no-showed

The following conditions apply:

  • This service is only available for Qantas Australian domestic tickets  
  • Only Qantas operated and marketed flights can be suspended 
  • Coupons must be suspended in date order 
  • Requests cannot be submitted for future dated travel
  • Coupons to be suspended must be in O or A status
  • If forfeiting a coupon, cancel the flight before submitting the request to suspend coupon


Suspended coupons cannot be reinstated, reissued or revalidated.