How to Self-Service your Customer's Booking


Qantas Agency Connect is your destination for all agency support requirements. The Qantas Agency Connect online portal provides you with the tools to self-service your customer's booking at anytime. 

We’ve collated the top reasons why you contact our dedicated Qantas Agency Connect team. We've summarised the information below to help you self-service your customers online via the Qantas Agency Connect site.

Schedule Change

There are various options avaible if your customer has been affected by a Schedule Change, which is a UN/TK flight. It may be an individual flight that has been affected by the Schedule Change or it could be certain flights across the network due to extraordinary circumstances which is covered by a Commercial Policy.


Commercial Policy
Qantas releases a Commercial Policy when extraordinary circumstances arise that have the potential to impact customers travel plans. These may include weather events and natural disasters. Commercial Policies provide authorities to allow you to self manage your customers' bookings.

Qantas and Other Airline Schedule Change policy
This policy outlines options for managing and servicing your customer’s booking for Qantas and other airline tickets. Please read this policy before you reaccommodate your customer and prior to completing the Schedule Change service request.

Servicing a Schedule Change booking
If you or Qantas has reaccommodated your customer to a suitable flight and the schedule change was not part of a Commercial Policy , you can obtain an authority to reissue, hold in credit or refund through our Schedule Change service request.


Reissuing your customer's ticket

Our Australian Domestic and International Ticket Reissue policies will assist in servicing and reissuing your customers booking.

Australian Domestic Ticket Reissue policy

The Australian Domestic Ticket Reissue policy will assist you with reissuing your customer's ticket in conjuction with the rule of the Australian domestic fare being changed.


International Ticket Reissue policy
The International Reissue Policy applies the rules of the ticketed international fare being changed and the conditions of the new fare. Fares are filed to automatically reissue in line with the policy when using an automated reissue tool.


Ticket Request
Qantas Agency Connect will assist in reissuing your customer's ticket when it is an involuntary reissue due to a Qantas schedule change, that cannot be reissued in-house; when a coupon status for a Qantas flight has not updated to flown and travel is imminent and when Qantas has taken over control of your customer's ticket. All other reissues will incur a fee.

Fare Enquires

The Qantas Agency Connect site has Australian Domestic and International clue cards to be read in conjunction with the fare rules.

Australian Domestic Clue Card

The Australian Domestic Clue Cards can be used as a guide for domestic fare structures.

International Clue Cards
The International Clue Cards can be used as a guide for International fare structures.

Fare Quote or Reassesment

The Qantas Agency Connect Team will provide you with a fare quote or reassesment which will be added to your customer's booking.

Waiver Requests

When your customer's booking requires an authority that is not part of a Commercial Policy, you can use this service to request a fare rule waiver for:

  • Change fee.
  • Ticketing time limit (fare is currently available for sale, however ticketing deadline has passed).
  • Expired fare (fare is no longer available for sale).
  • Ticket validity.

Once this has been submitted, the Qantas Agency Connect team will review your request.

Qantas Ticket Validity
The Qantas Agency Connect site provides you with a number of policies to assist with your customer's booking. The Qantas Ticket Validity policy is just one of many policies to help service your customer's booking.

Fare Rule Waiver
Request a fare rule waiver for change fee, ticketing time limit, expired fare or ticket validity