Multiple Credits Policy For Flights Cancelled by Qantas

This policy applies to customers who wish to hold the value of their ticket in credit following a Qantas (QF) flight cancellation or disruption and use that credit toward multiple journeys. 

It applies to domestic and international flights and all QF fares issued on Qantas (QF-081) tickets for point of sale Australia only.

For this policy to apply, flights must be cancelled or disrupted by Qantas and a UN/TK message generated to the booking. Customers who do not wish to hold their ticket in credit can have their ticket reissued or apply for authority to refund in accordance with the Qantas Schedule Change Policy. Refunds are permitted before the customer starts using the credit and before the credit expiry date.

Book and Ticket

Booking Requirements

  • Flights no longer required must be cancelled prior to scheduled departure
  • New bookings are subject to availability and all conditions of the new fare are applicable
  • Any Qantas (QF) fare including those that permit interline and codeshare flights can be booked
  • For domestic itineraries, the same city pair flown in the same direction is permitted
  • Name changes are not permitted

Ticketing Requirements

  • The affected ticket must be reissued to a pseudo flight prior to its expiry and all travel using this credit must be completed within the validity of the ticket.  Refer to Qantas Ticket Validity 
  • If Emirates (EK) or oneworld airline flights are required, QAC is to reissue the ticket
  • Reissue to the pseudo flight credit with the authority 428667 in the ticket endorsement
  • When reissuing to the pseudo flight, raise an EMD to refund all taxes and apply for a refund of the EMD through BSPlink.
  • New taxes are to be collected for every new itinerary booked and ticketed using the ticket credit.
  • Any unredeemed value not used before the expiry date is non-refundable (except in certain circumstances including under the Australian Consumer Law).

How to Book the Pseudo Flight

  • Book the pseudo flight QF9331 SYD/ZZF in Y class from GDS availability to hold the funds in credit.
  • Select any pseudo flight close to the expiry date of the ticket.
  • No change fee applies when reissuing to use the pseudo flight credit coupon.
  • No GST applies to the pseudo flight.

Making Changes

  • We recommend you create a new PNR when reissuing to add further flights using the credit. 
  • When reissuing, book the new flights and, if any credit remains, book a new pseudo flight showing the residual credit. This should be the last coupon on the ticket.
  • Change fees apply if making voluntary changes to existing flights.
  • Include the authority 428667 each time you reissue the ticket.

Additional Information

General Information

  • If commissionable fares are reissued to non-commissionable fares, commission will be recalled through our normal policy of raising an ADM.
  • If the customer prefers a refund instead, they must request it before they start using their credit and before the credit expiry date.
  • Qantas will not be responsible for paying any other costs or expenses such as hotel or other ground operator fees arising due to events beyond our control, unless required by applicable laws.