NSW Fair Trading Act amendments

From 1 July 2020, changes to the NSW Fair Trading Act 1987 (‘Fair Trading Act’) come into effect.

These apply to conduct inside or outside NSW that (a) is in connection with goods or services supplied in NSW; or (b) affects a person in NSW; or (c) results in loss of damage in NSW. 

In accordance with the Fair Trading Act, Agents are required to disclose to their customers that they will receive a referral fee or commission from a supplier (e.g. airlines); however NSW Fair TradingOpens in a new tab or window clarifies that an Agent is not required to disclose the nature or value of the financial incentive.  Agents are reminded that, although they may need to disclose the existence of an incentive from Qantas, the specific terms of their agreement with Qantas are confidential and the details of any financial incentives should not be disclosed. 

For further information around the legislation, please visit NSW Fair TradingOpens in a new tab or window.