Options to enhance your customer’s inflight experience.

Policy Summary
Extra Seat for Bulky Carry-on Cabin Baggage Customers can purchase an extra seat on Qantas operated and marketed flights for bulky carry-on cabin baggage (CBBG).
Extra Legroom Seats and Exit Row Seats Extra Legroom seats are selected seats which offer your customer additional legroom.
Extra Seat (EXST) for Personal Comfort Customers can purchase extra seat/s on Qantas operated and marketed flights for their personal comfort. 
Select a Seat Once the ticket has been issued, you can select your customer’s seat on any Qantas operated flight up to 3 hours prior to departure through Manage Booking, or via your Technology Partner connected to the Qantas Distribution Platform and other technology partners.
Select a Group Seat You can select your customer's seats on Qantas operated flights up to four days prior to departure, once tickets have been issued.