Travel to South Africa for Children

The South African Immigration Act requires additional travel documentation for all children under 18 years of age to be available for presentation on arrival into and departure from South Africa.

Failure to ensure these requirements are met will result in customers departing from South Africa being denied travel, or customers travelling to South Africa being denied entry and repatriated.

What Documentation is Required for Children Travelling to South Africa?

Qantas is required to check that customers travelling to/from South Africa with a child hold the appropriate documentation as outlined below.

Please refer to our dedicated section on detailing what mandatory documentation is required by your customers for each of the conditions below:

  • Child travelling with both parents
  • Child travelling with one parent
  • Child travelling with one parent and the other parent is deceased
  • Child travelling with someone who is not their biological parent
  • Orphaned child where guardianship or adoption has yet to be granted
  • Child in alternate care
  • Child travelling with one parent who is legally separated and has been granted full parental responsibilities and rights or full legal guardianship
  • Child travelling with one parent who is legally separated and who has specific parental responsibilities or legal guardianship


Additional Mandatory Documentation Requirements

  • All customers are required to have machine readable passports with two unused pages when applying for a visa, and one unused page when travelling for on arrival processing
  • The Parental Consent Opens external site in a new windowmust be dated within four months of the first arrival or departure travel date
  • All documentation must be:
    • either original or copy certified as true copy of the original;
    • in English; and
    • available for presentation on arrival into and departing from South Africa.

Transiting in South Africa

Supporting documentation is not required where travel includes direct transit at an International Airport.