Requirements and Processes

Information to support you selling Qantas.

Policy Summary
Codeshare Flight Information A codeshare agreement is a commercial arrangement between two airlines where the marketing airline puts its two-letter airline code on the operating airline’s flight.
Customer contact details On 1 June 2019, IATA updated resolution 830d requiring all Travel Agents to proactively request contact details from customers as part of the booking process.
Duplicate booking process Duplicate bookings can be made for many different reasons
Ficititious Name Check Qantas aims to ensure all possible seats on our flights are available for sale to customers.
No Show Information A no show occurs when a customer fails to check in for or board a confirmed flight. 
O&D Availability and Married Flights Availability is based on point of sale and your customer's origin and destination (O&D). 
Through Flight Information A through flight is a direct flight between two points with no change in flight number. It may or may not include a stop at an intermediate Australian domestic or international point.
Travel to South Africa for Children The South African Immigration Act requires additional travel documentation for all children under 18 years of age to be available for presentation on arrival into and departure from South Africa.
Travel to the USA Requirements For travel to, from or within the USA, you must provide your customer’s information as required by the US authorities under the Secure Flight and Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) programmes.
Unaccompanied Minor and Young Passenger An unaccompanied minor (UMNR) is a child travelling without the supervision of an adult or sibling 15 years or over in the same cabin.
Your Customer's Name Before you make a booking for your customer we recommend you check their name against their passport or other form of identification to ensure it is correct.