Change of Travel Management Company (TMC)

A change of Travel Management Company (TMC) occurs when a corporate customer changes from one TMC to another and requires the stored ticket credits to be managed.

Qantas provides authority for the transfer of existing credits to the new TMC. These tickets are serviced by the Qantas Agency Connect Team.

General Information

Applying for a Change of TMC Authority

  • The corporate customer or original TMC can apply for a change of TMC.
  • A written notice is to be provided to the Qantas Account Manager advising the TMC change and effective date.
  • Once this is received and verified, an authority number is provided to the new TMC to permit the transfer of the stored ticket credits.

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Ticket Transfer Process

The original TMC provides the corporate customer with a list of all stored ticket credits. This should include:

  • Ticket number
  • Passenger name
  • Fare value
  • Tax value
  • Ticket validity
  • Coupon status

Any bookings no longer required should be cancelled by the original TMC prior to the TMC change.

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Ticket Transfer Eligibility

The original Qantas (081) ticket to be transferred to the new TMC must:

  • Include only Qantas fares; and
  • Be within ticket validity.

The original fare conditions apply when using ticket credits towards a new booking.

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Ticket Credits

Process to Use Ticket Credits

Complete the following steps to use ticket credits for change of TMC:

1. Create a new booking from available inventory in the original or the new passenger’s name:

2. Contact Qantas Agency Connect and provide the ticket number of the stored credit for:

  • Verification of the ticket details and eligibility
  • Assistance with a fare reassessment and applicable fees

3. Raise an EMD-S with Service Code ICSF as a lump sum for additional collection and applicable fees

4. Submit a Ticket Request and include the EMD payment

The Qantas Agency Connect Team will reissue the ticket within 3 business days from receipt of payment and email the ticket to you as confirmation of the reissue. 

Qantas Agency Connect Service Fees

A Qantas Agency Connect Service Fee will apply for ticket reissue and any subsequent reissues.

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If the corporate customer requires a refund of an original ticket, they must refer to the original issuing office. The original TMC is the only agent permitted to submit the ticket for refund. Any applicable refund will be credited back to the original form of payment.

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Booking Ownership and Privacy

Existing bookings are owned and managed by the original TMC as per the office ID or PCC. Only the original TMC is permitted to cancel flights booked by their office.

Due to privacy obligations, Qantas will not:

  • Discuss any details contained in the original booking with the new TMC
  • Cancel the original TMC’s booking on the directive of the new TMC
  • Transfer flights from an original TMC booking to a new TMC booking

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