Qantas Agency Connect FAQs

Find everything you need to know to get your agency started with Qantas Agency Connect.

General information

1. What is Qantas Business Rewards?

Qantas Agency Connect has been designed to support our agency partners. It provides you with knowledge, information and service to support your customers.

Qantas Agency Connect enables you to:

  • Find information fast – all the Qantas policies and guidelines you need in one place.
  • Manage bookings with easer – service your customers online through Manage Booking.
  • Sell Qantas with confidence -dedicated product and network guides to make you a Qantas expert.
  • Stay connected with Agency News – the destination for all our latest industry news updates including Commercial Alerts.
  • Help service your customers with access 24/7 – log your service requests online to save time.

2. What is required to access Qantas Agency Connect?

To access all features of Qantas Agency Connect, your Agency Manager needs to register your agency using your IATA, TIDS or ARC number.

Supporting your agency

3. How can I learn more about Qantas Agency Connect?

For support using our website, please visit the Qantas Learning HubOpens in a new tab or window and complete the learning bites created for a range of services we offer online.

4. What other support options are available when using Qantas Agency Connect?

The Qantas Agency Connect Team is here to guide your agency team members in using our online services for the first time. Visit our support section for details.

You’ll also be able to request navigation support via webchat available from 0800 – 2000 AEDST Monday to Friday.

Registering for Qantas Agency Connect

5. Why does my agency need to register to access the Qantas Agency Connect?

To access all features of Qantas Agency Connect, your agency team members are required to log into the website with their valid agency IATA, TIDS or ARC number and agency password.

Registration for Qantas Agency Connect gives your agency manager access to My Agency Profile. If you are accessing Qantas Agency Connect from Australia or New Zealand, your agency team members and managers will also gain access to our Service Requests – available 24/7.

Important Information for Agency’s receiving a TIDS number

To ensure we can process your registration successfully, if your agency has received a new TIDS number from IATA, you’ll need to wait 24 hours before registering for Qantas Agency Connect.

6. Within my agency, who should register to access Qantas Agency Connect?

Your manager or agency/office administrator should register on behalf of your agency. Individual agents do not need to register separately to access Qantas Agency Connect.

7. How does my agency register to access Qantas Agency Connect?

Registration is an easy three step process:

  1. Complete the agency information, details and agree to our terms and conditions.
  2. Submit your registration request.
  3. Upon recieving an email confirming your agency is registered to access Qantas Agency Connect, create your Manager and Agency passwords, and share your agency's login details with your team members.

8. Why do I need a separate Manager and Agency password?

If you’re an agency manager, you’ll have additional access to My Agency Profile when you log in using you Manager password. Agency manager access provides you with the ability to maintain and update your agency details directly with Qantas.

9. My agency has multiple IATA, TIDS or ARC numbers, do I need to register them separately for Qantas Agency Connect?

Yes – all IATA, TIDS and ARC numbers are required to be registered separately to access to Qantas Agency Connect. This will allow you to manage your agency details as well as providing your agency team members access to service requests in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

10. What if my agency does not have an IATA, TIDS or ARC number?

All agencies need a valid IATA, TIDS or ARC number to access the features of Qantas Agency Connect. Additional benefits of having an IATA, TIDS or ARC include access to the Group Travel website, sales communications and training through the Qantas Learning Hub in available countries.

IATA, TIDS and ARC numbers are a unique code identifying your agency globally. By obtaining a number, your bookings will be serviced and recognised by industry suppliers including airlines, hotels, car hire companies etc.

11. How does my agency obtain an IATA, TIDS or ARC number?

Your agency can apply for an IATA, TIDSOpens in a new tab or window or ARCOpens in a new tab or window number through the relevant organisation.

Login and password reset

12. Who should manage my agency’s password to access Qantas Agency Connect?

Your Agency Manager or office administrator should manage your agency’s password to access Qantas Agency Connect. This includes password resets and forgotten password requests.

It’s important your agency manager or officer administrator communicates the updated password to your team so you have access to Qantas Agency Connect.

13. How can my agency reset our password?

Agency Managers can manage their passwords through My Agency Profile to reset the agency or manager password. If you have forgotten your manager password, use the 'forgot my password' option available through Manager login. A valid IATA, TIDS or ARC number is required.