Qantas announces new Automatic Ticket Revalidation enhancement

Latest News|Published 6 October 2021

Qantas has today announced a new enhancement that will automatically revalidate a customer’s ticket if a schedule change occurs to the timing of a Qantas flight.

This enhancement will minimise the time taken to service a booking impacted by a schedule change and deliver a seamless experience for our customers prior to take-off.

Until now, the Automatic Ticket Revalidation process would only apply if a customer’s itinerary was impacted by a schedule change that resulted in a Qantas (QF) flight number change. This new enhancement now extends to a schedule change affecting the timing of a Qantas flight, saving you time when servicing a booking and preventing any mishandling by either your customer or a Qantas representative at airport check-in.

What is a Schedule Change?

A schedule change is an involuntary change to a Qantas flight outside 72 hours prior to flight departure. Please refer to the Qantas Schedule Change and Disruption Handling Guide for further information. 

How does Automatic Ticket Revalidation work?

Immediately after a schedule change has occurred, you will recognise the schedule change by receiving a UN/TK or TK status notification in your GDS or Technology Partner queues. You are then required to advise your customer of the schedule change. 

Your customer’s ticket is then automatically revalidated to either reflect the new timing of the Qantas flight and/or change to the Qantas (QF) flight number. Automatic Ticket Revalidation also applies to Qantas Distribution Platform bookings made through your GDS or Technology Partner where a scheduled change has occurred.