Qantas' response to Customer Service Restructure

Latest News|Published 13 April 2021

Pre-COVID, Qantas has seen a trend towards customers preferring contactless solutions and avoiding queues at airports. Since flights resumed, there has been a 60 per cent jump in the share of customers checking in for their flights online.

Technology upgrades

We continue to invest in digital technology to put more control into the hands of customers, which reduces queues in terminals and frees up airport teams to support customers who have time-critical enquiries or need additional assistance. This investment includes upgrading the functionality of our app and backend technology. 

The latest technology upgrades mean:

  • Around 70 per cent of ticketing issues that previously prevented customers from checking in online are resolved before customers arrive at the airport, following improvements to backend technology and processes.
  • Customers can now ‘undo check in’ if they want to change flights after checking in, which our Frequent Flyers and business travellers are finding useful

Further upgrades due to be implemented this year include:

  • Access to pre-departure points upgrades via the app for eligible Frequent Flyers rather than having to wait in a physical queue
  • Giving customers the ability to link their booking with a friend or colleague via the app so they can select seats together
  • Issuing digital meal and accommodation vouchers to customers in the event of a disruption, so passengers don’t have to queue while staff manually write them out 


As we announced last year, Qantas’ 10 domestic sales desks (located alongside check-in desks, which are not impacted) have now permanently closed.

Sales desks have seen a sustained decline in usage by customers over recent years. On a per passenger basis, transactions at the sales desks have fallen by almost 75 per cent since 2019.

Qantas will still have around 1500 customer service employees in our airports to assist customers throughout their journey following these changes.

The purchase of tickets, additional baggage and other flight-related products can be made at Excess baggage payments can be made by credit card at airport kiosks.

Changes to the service desks will occur in the second half of the year.