Additional capacity changes for March in response to Coronavirus

Latest News|Published 6 March 2020

Qantas has cancelled additional flights to Asia in response to continued weaker demand, following an escalation of the Coronavirus outbreak. 

The changes, which start next week and continue until the end of March, are: 

  • Sydney-Hong Kong – 8 return cancellations 
  • Sydney-Sapporo - 5 return cancellations (seasonal service) 
  • Melbourne-Auckland - 5 return cancellations
  • There will also be cancellations published on Brisbane-Tokyo (Narita), Melbourne-Tokyo (Narita) and Sydney-Osaka (Kansai)

Please refer to relevant commercial policies for customers with existing bookings who are impacted by the reductions.

Qantas and Jetstar announced flight cancellations across parts of Asia in April and May at the Qantas Group’s Half Year results.

The Coronavirus situation and its impact on international travel demand is evolving and we’re monitoring closely. Further changes are expected.