Uncover IATA's New Distribution Capability (NDC)

Qantas Distribution Platform|Published 16 February 2023

Join the Learning Hub for a deeper insight into IATA’s NDC and further your understanding on the role that Qantas plays with NDC, through the Qantas Distribution Platform.

Our new eLearning Module (Learning Bite) will help you uncover IATA’s NDC and how the Qantas Distribution Platform utilises NDC standards to deliver a modernised and enhanced retailing experience for both agents and customers. 

Designed to be short and interactive - our module contains videos and resources to assist you in building a better understanding of what NDC is.

This latest Learning Bite follows on from the ‘Fundamentals of the Qantas Distribution Platform’, ‘Shopping via the Qantas Distribution Platform’ and ‘Servicing via the Qantas Distribution Platform’ modules that can be accessed via the Learning Hub within the Qantas Distribution Platform course.