Manage booking

View and service your customer's booking made either through your GDS or direct through Qantas Agency Connect.

What can I do through Manage booking?

Add or update your customer's:

Book your customer's:

For bookings made through Qantas Agency Connect, you can also:

  • Contact information
  • E-mail address
  • Qantas or oneworld Frequent Flyer number
  • Special meal request
  • Pre-purchased additional baggage
  • Airport transfers (Dubai Connect and Chauffeur Drive)
  • Select a Seat
  • Extra Legroom Seats
  • Additional baggage
  • Sporting equipment
  • Pet
  • Change, cancel and redeem Australian Domestic and New Zealand flights
  • Confirm flights which have been affected by a schedule change
  • Request tax invoices 
  • View or print your your customer's itinerary

Important Information

Disclaimer: *No Agency commission is payable on purchase of additional baggage and extra legroom seats.

Disclaimer: ^When booking extra legroom seats of behalf of your customer, please ensure you customer meets the Terms and Conditions for exit row seating.