Travel Industry Designator Service (TIDS) Process

To make it easy for agents to access Qantas Agency Connect and the Qantas Channel.

IATA has recently announced that they will soon be introducing 2 key changes: 

  • Agencies will no longer be charged an annual fee to maintain your agency's participation under the TIDS Program 
  • Agencies will gain access to a new information management platform to manage your office information details 

These changes will come into effect in October 2020. 

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What is TIDS?

A TIDS (Travel Industry Designator Service) number is a standard industry identifier offered by IATA that facilitates the identification of your agency through a single code. It's offered by IATA to business entities engaged in the activity of selling travel products and services.

Why should my Agency obtain a TIDS number?

TIDS is a mandatory requirement for non IATA/ARC agencies, registering to access the Qantas Channel and Qantas Agency Connect. TIDS is recognised globally by travel suppliers as an efficient and reliable way to identify a travel agency. TIDS is an important way for Qantas to identify and recognise Qantas Channel agents and ensure they and their customer receive the correct content.

What happens next?

Your TIDS number will take approximately 7 business days to be processed by IATA. 
You'll receive an email from IATA confirming your TIDS number. 
Once you've received your TIDS number, please inform your GDS or Registered Technology Partner for identification purposes. 
You can then use your TIDS to access Qantas Agency Connect and register for the Qantas Channel. 

Learn more about registering your Agency for the Qantas Channel