Multi Passenger Seat Offers


The Qantas Distribution Platform now has the capability to distribute Multi Passenger Seat offers. This new feature will enable you to offer your customers special discounts on Qantas’ existing seat selection range, when purchasing multiple seats in a single booking.

This capability is a first for Qantas and another example of an offer type not previously available to travel agents, which has been made possible by the Qantas Distribution Platform and NDC.

Where can I view Multi Passenger Seat offers when shopping for my customer?

You can identify where a Multi Passenger Seat offer is available when you see ‘Multi Passenger Seat Offer’ in the shopping response. Please check with your Technology Partner to understand how Multi Passenger Seat offers will be displayed for your agency.

Travel agents who are participating in the Qantas Channel and access Qantas Distribution Platform content will be able to access Multi Passenger Seat offers, provided their Approved Technology Partner has the required capability. Please contact your Approved Technology Partner to find out when these offers will be available for your agency. Terms and Conditions apply.

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