Extra Legroom Seats and Exit Row Seats

Extra Legroom seats are selected seats which offer your customer additional legroom. Your customer can prepay for these seats on Qantas international flights and Qantas Australian domestic flights operated by B717, E190, F100, B737, A220, A320 and A330 aircraft.

These seats can be booked via your Technology Partner connected to the Qantas Distribution Platform and other technology systems.  

Qantas NDC Call Out

Extra legroom and exit row seats can be booked with ease via the Qantas Distribution Platform.

General Information

Where are Extra Legroom Seats Located in the Cabin?

Extra Legroom seats are located in the economy cabin and can be either exit row or non-exit row seats.

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How Much Does an Extra Legroom Seat Cost?

The following charges apply for Extra Legroom seat selection on domestic and international economy sale fares. Charges vary dependent on city pair, sector length and availability. Your customer can also use Qantas Frequent Flyer points to purchase these seats. Charges are non-commissionable.

Unitl 18 April 2024

Extra Legroom Seats
Australian Domestic
All B717/E190 flights
From A$15
Australian Domestic
Short-haul and Norfolk Island
From A$30
Australian Domestic
From A$40
Australian Domestic Long-haul From A$65
Australian Domestic East-West From A$70
International Short-haul
East Coast Australia to New Zealand, Port Moresby, New Caledonia, Fiji, Samoa and Tonga
From A$30
International Medium-haul
Australia to Asia and Honolulu
From A$80
International Long-haul
Australia to South Africa, UK, Europe and the Americas From A$180

From 18 April 2024

The cost of an extra legroom seat is dependent on the flight and the booking source.

Australian Domestic

Aircraft Type Route Mileage Restriction or Route Specific QF NDC or QF Direct GDS (Edifact)
All aircraft PER-SYD/BNE and SYD-BME Specified route only AUD75.00 AUD80.00
B717, E190, F100, A320 Domestic Short Up to 750 miles AUD20.00 AUD25.00
Domestic Long Over 751 miles AUD45.00 AUD50.00
All other aircraft Domestic Short Up to 750 miles AUD35.00 AUD40.00
Domestic Mid 751 to 1500 miles AUD45.00 AUD50.00
Domestic Long Over 1501 miles AUD70.00 AUD75.00


Route QD NDC and QF Direct GDS (Edifact)
SYD-NLK/NOU/NAN, BNE-POM, New Zealand AUD35.00 AUD40.00
International medium-haul From AUD85.00 From AUD90.00
International long-haul From AUD195.00 From AUD205.00

Your Customer


  • You can book these seats for your customer through your Technology Partner or Manage Booking, pnce their ticket has been issued.
  • If your customer is part of a group booking, please contact Group Travel to book an Exit Row seat.

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Requirements for Customers Seated in Exit Row Seats

Please ensure that your customer is at least 15 years of age and meets all Exit Row Seat Requirements and ConditionsOpens in a new tab or window before booking their seat.

View full Terms and Conditions for seat selection.

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  • If your customer becomes unable to fulfil the Exit Row seat requirements, please contact Qantas Contact Centres.
  • If we are notified at least 24 hours prior to departure, your customer will be transferred to a regular seat and the original amount or Qantas Points will be refunded.

Voluntary Changes

  • For voluntary changes made by the customer, no refund of the Extra Legroom seat fee will be available.
  • A voluntary change may include (but is not limited to) a seating change, change of flight or flight cancellation by the customer.

Involuntary Changes

  • For requests made via Manage Booking, a refund may be requested through our online refund formOpens in a new tab or window no later than three months after the departure date of the affected flight.
  • For requests made through your Technology Partner, you may apply for a refund once travel is completed through BSPlink or ARC.
  • An involuntary change may include (but is not limited to) a schedule change, a flight disruption or aircraft change.
  • Exit Row seat refund conditions are independent of fare refund conditions. 

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At the Airport

Check-in for customers seated in Exit Row seats is only available at airport check-in counters.

Qantas has the sole discretion at check-in or boarding, to determine whether a passenger meets the requirements to sit in an Exit Row seat. If the passenger does not meet the requirements, they will be assigned a different seat.

Seat selection cannot be guaranteed as seats may need to be changed for operational, safety or security reasons, even after boarding the aircraft.

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