EasyPay Acceptance

Qantas now accepts EasyPay in eligible countries, the new payment method introduced by IATA for travel agents as part of the NewGen ISS program.


Qantas now accepts EasyPay as a payment method in countries where NewGen ISS is live. It will be accepted in further countries in the future, including Australia as these eligible countries roll into NewGen ISS in accordance with the IATA NewGen ISS roll-out timetable.Opens in a new tab or window

EasyPay will be accepted in addition to existing methods of payment, which include Customer Card and BSP Cash. The acceptance of EasyPay by Qantas is subject to GDS system readiness to offer EasyPay as a form of payment.

Further Information

Information about payment methods accepted by Qantas can be found on the Methods of Payment page on Qantas Agency Connect.

Disclaimer: * EasyPay may not be used for Qantas products and services that have a credit card form of payment restriction, where the GDS systems process EasyPay as a credit card transaction (e.g. private fares with credit card restrictions).