Sabre GDS Formats

The information on this page contains GDS entries to assist you with Qantas bookings. Please contact your GDS provider for further assistance.

Secure Flight Passenger Data and Advance Passenger Information (APIS)

Secure Flight plus APIS Document Information 3DOCS/P/AU/M2345678/AU/30JUN73/M/14APR20/BAKER/JOHN/MICHAEL-1.1
APIS USA Address Information 3DOCA QF HK1-D-USA-301 PARK AVENUE-NEW YORK-10022-1.1
Redress Number  3DOCO//R/CAN123456
Known Traveller Number 3DOCO//K/US123456
Visa 3DOCO//V/US123456/20SEP24

Unaccompanied Minor

Age of Child 3UMNR/UM08-1.1 (must be 2 digits)
Language of Child and First Name 3OSI QF ENGLISH MICHAEL
Sender Name and Relationship 3OSI QF SENDER MRS HELEN BAKER MOTHER
Sender Contact Address 3OSI QF CTCA SYD 3 HARBOUR ST SYDNEY 2000 NSW
Sender Phone Contacts 3OSI QF CTCH 02 96915555
Receiver Name and Relationship 3OSI QF RECEIVER MR JOHN BAKER FATHER
Receiver Contact Address 3OSI QF CTCA BNE 51 BANK DVE ASCOT 4007 QLD
Receiver Phone Contacts 3OSI QF CTCH BNE 07 32343860

Fare Displays

Fare Display with an Account Code FQMELHKG30JUNCRP-QF¥Ixxxxx
(xxxxx = 5 digit corporate account code)
Price a Fare with an Account Code WPIXXXXX¥PV (XXXXX = account code)
Other Airline Booking Code RB1EK
Route Map Display RD(line number)*RTG (e.g. RD6*RTG)

Adding a Qantas Corporate Identifier (QCI)

Any underscore "_" is replaced by a space, and "XYZ" is replaced by the actual Corporate customer's 3 letter QCI code. All dots or * are valid characters.

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