Introducing the Qantas Learning Hub

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Introducing the Qantas Learning Hub

Latest News|Published 12 September 2022

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Qantas Learning Hub.

The Learning Hub is your destination for interactive learning that will make you a Qantas expert in no time. The hub is jam packed with bite-sized modules on a range of topics that you can access and consume at your own pace. To learn more about Qantas’ products and services, register today!

When registering for the Learning Hub, please use the 7 digit access code for your region below:

Indonesia Korea Malaysia Phillipines Singapore Taiwan Thailand Vietnam
4416554 4992167 4669101 4225678 4115292 4338265 4559629 4338421

If you have any difficulties registering please contact the Qantas Agency Learning Team at