Commercial Policy for Qantas Customers Impacted by the Suspension of the Trans Tasman Quarantine Free Travel

Commercial Policy|Published 6 May 2021

On 6 May 2021, the New Zealand Government put a pause Quarantine Free Travel from New South Wales to New Zealand while the source of infection of the two cases in Sydney is investigated.

This commercial policy outlines options for impacted Qantas customers for tickets issued on or before 6 May 2021.

For travel between 6 May 2021 - 10 May 2021.

Affected Destinations - AKL/CHC/WLG/ZQN to SYD vv.

General Information


  • All changes must be made prior to the original ticketed departure.
  • New travel dates must be within ticket validity.
  • Qantas will not be responsible for paying any other costs or expenses such as hotel or other ground operator fees arising due to events beyond our control, unless required by applicable laws.
  • All other rules and conditions of the ticket remain unchanged.
  • Customers are permitted to make changes as per applicable policy. Any subsequent changes made after the ticket is reissued will be subject to the rules and conditions of the original ticketed fare purchased.

Customers with unticketed bookings

For unticketed bookings, alternate flights/routings can be rebooked subject to availability and tickets issued in accordance with fare conditions.

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Customers on Frequent Flyer Reward Tickets

Qantas Points Plus Pay and Qantas & Partner Classic Flight Rewards tickets: Passengers are entitled to the same options and conditions as listed above.

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Your Customer's Ticket

Qantas (081) Issued Ticket

Options Permitted Action Conditions
1. Rebook
  • Rebook to another Qantas Airways operated flight within 14 days
  • If the same booking class is not available, the lowest booking class within the same cabin may be booked.
  • If the new fare is of a higher value than the existing ticketed fare, no adcol is to be collected from the customer.
2. Retain Ticket Value in Credit
  • Retain the value of the ticket in credit Ticket
  • If the new fare is of a higher value than the existing ticketed fare, the fare difference is payable by the customer.
  • Applicable ticket surcharges, fees and taxes may apply.

Ticket Information

All Qantas flight changes need to be actioned (reissued or revalidated) prior to travel, regardless of which airline the ticket is validated to.

For customers holding a Qantas (081) issued ticket:


  • The agent can reissue the ticket in-house if validated to Qantas (081).
  • Rebook to another Qantas Airways operated flight on the same route within 14 days.
  • Additional fare, ticket taxes and change fees associated to the ticket do not apply.
  •  All details of the original ticket to be shown on the new ticket including fare basis and fare calculation.
  • Authority Number 638343 must be entered into the endorsement box to avoid ADM.
  • If there is no change to routing/booking class the ticket can be revalidated.

Ticket in credit

  • The agent can reissue the ticket in-house if validated to Qantas (081)
  • No change fee is to be applied to the reissue.
  • Additional fare and ticket taxes may apply subject to assessment of the new journey
  • For tickets with an original issue date on or prior to 28 February 2021, Ticket can be held in credit until 31 December 2023. If a ticket has an issue date prior to 31 January 2020, you will need to reissue the ticket prior to 31 December 2021. This will ensure all eTickets are open for use until 31 December 2023. Travel must be completed by 31 December 2023 Additional fare, surcharges and ticket taxes may apply.
  • Authority number 638343 must be entered into the endorsement box to waive the fee for voluntary changes and avoid ADM.