Selected Wine

Now that your wine has been selected for service on Qantas there are a number of steps to complete.

  • Read the supply information provided on this website.
  • Complete the Product Detail Form below.
  • You will receive a Letter of Confirmation, this will advise you whether your wine is for Domestic or International services and will provide the Qantas Product Code for your labels.
  • If you are a new supplier to Qantas you will need to be set up as a supplier. Please ask for a form.
  • A Purchase Order will be provided to you by Pourshins
  • Call-offs will be issued to you against the Purchase Order.

Product Detail Form

Product Detail Form

One form per wine.

You will receive an email confirmation of this submission, sent to the email address you enter on the form.

The information in this form may be used to generate a Purchase Order.

Wine Notes

You will need to provide a note on your wine that can be printed on menus and displayed on our inflight TV.

There is room on the Product Detail Form for this wine note.

The wine note should be between 60 and 90 words in length. It should not be a straight technical wine tasting note rather it should provide the reader some interesting information on the wine - be a mix of tasting notes, information on the winery/winemaker/vintage/variety or contain other interesting information.