187ml Wine Program

Qantas is setting new standards for the wine served in our Economy cabin.

With a recognised, diverse and premium wine offering in Qantas' First and Business cabins Qantas has extended this philosophy throughout the Economy cabin.

The wines

A truly unique product offering.

Qantas has been working closely with key players in the Australian wine industry to showcase an Economy wine offering unmatched for quality, versatility and variety.

A quick scan of the wines on offer reveals some of Australia's most sought-after labels shrunk down to size.

McLaren Vale icon Wirra Wirra offers its excellent Scrubby Rise wines, a chardonnay and a rich red blend, while their near neighbours at Coriole have bottled their Redstone shiraz exclusively for Qantas in the 187ml format. One of Australia's most popular whites, the bistro classic La Biondina from Primo Estate, has found even more fans in-flight.

The trend, in Australia, towards cooler climate reds isn't restricted to fine-dining restaurants, with Qantas customers enjoying the finesse and elegance of Mt Langi Ghiran Vineyard Billi Billi Shiraz and Barwang Vineyard's outstanding cabernet merlot from its elevated site in the cherry-farm-dotted highlands around Young, New South Wales.

100% Recyclable PET plastic

It's only a minor change - in fact you probably won't even notice it - but the consequences are seriously significant. Each year, Qantas flies over 5 million 187ml wine bottles for service in Economy. Now, each and every one of them is made from recyclable PET plastic instead of glass. This equates to a weight reduction of 120g per bottle, which may not sound like a lot but as a result Qantas have reduced the overall weight they carry each year by 600,000kg.

Lighter flights mean a lot less fuel is burned, and a better outcome for the environment.


Bulk wine is bottled into 187ml exclusively for Qantas.

Generally purchasing in lots of 10,000 to 55,000 litre equivalents Qantas works with suppliers one to two years in advance to secure allocations. Allowing suppliers to comfortably plan and manage production volumes.

Purchasing the smaller volumes provides Qantas access to different varieties and niche brands.

Working one to two years in advance means Qantas is selecting and approving wine vintages that sometimes don't exist yet. Solid supplier relationships and working with reputable brands allow the Qantas Wine Panel to approve a wine for its style and quality and then rely on the supplier to reproduce that wine when it is required. A tank sample is checked and approved just prior to bottling.

Wine is bottled just when it is needed to accommodate the shelf life of PET. Qantas works with the latest PET technology to ensure shelf life is maximized and the product remains fresh for the required time.

If you are interested in supplying wine to Qantas for 187ml, please contact the Qantas Wine and Beverage Manager