New Zealand Wine - Business Class

In Qantas Business on flights to and from New Zealand, Qantas offers customers a choice of two red wines and two white wines.

One red wine will be an Australian Shiraz, the second choice will be a New Zealand red wine - this is generally a Pinot Noir but may be an alternate variety but not Shiraz.

One white wine will be an Australian Chardonnay, the second choice will be a New Zealand white wine - this is generally a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris but may be an alternate variety but not Chardonnay.

New Zealand Wine Volumes

New Zealand wine is generally purchased in quantities of one to four pallets.

Taxation on New Zealand Wine

All wines with a B in the Qantas code number will be used as 'Aircraft Stores' on international flights and as such should be sold to Qantas GST-free and exempt from Wine Tax.

New Zealand wine Qantas purchases is for consumption outside Australia and is therefore tax free.

All New Zealand wine delivered into Post Logistics Sydney must be accompanied by:

a) a Nature 20 (N20) if the product is delivered straight into Post Logistics Sydney from New Zealand; or

b) a Continuing Approval (CP) if coming from your warehouse in Australia.

Please ensure you can provide this documentation prior to submitting your wine for selection.

A nature 20 is a document which can be used to clear the goods into Australia.

When cleared under N20, the goods do not attract import duty as they will be consumed outside Australia and therefore duty is not applicable. Please ask your clearing agent to clear the goods under a Nature 20 (Under bond).

Shipping Pallets

We understand Chep pallets are an Australian pallet. If you are unable to supply on Cheps, please supply on a plain pallets instead.