Important Supply Information

Before submitting your wine to Qantas for selection it is recommended that you read this information.

Bottle and Carton Labelling Requirements

Any wine selected for use Inflight requires Qantas identification on the bottles and cartons.

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Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation

If your wine is intended for use on Qantas International services you must provide Qantas with a Continuing Approval Number (CAN) from the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation (AWBC) and a copy of the letter of authority, as required by the AWBC, listing Qantas as an approved exporter.

The AWBC publishes a Guide to Export that goes through the entire export process,

The CAN forms and steps for product approval are available from the AWBC website

/WineTasting/img/icon-pdf.gif AWBC Detail


Wines purchased by Qantas which are for use on international flights will be used as 'Aircraft Stores' on international flights and as such should be sold to Qantas GST-free and exempt from Wine Equalisation Tax.

Australian Wines

Wines purchased by Qantas which are for use on domestic flights attract Wine Equalisation Tax, this should be added at the time of invoicing. GST is to be shown as a separate item on all invoices as per ATO requirements for a tax invoice.

Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) applies to the wine purchased by Qantas which is for use on domestic flights but does not apply to wine for use on its international flights.

We believe that the amount of WET charged to Qantas will vary depending on how Qantas use the wine. Please read this attachment for treatment of WET charged on wine allocated to domestic use.

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New Zealand Wines

New Zealand wine Qantas purchases is for consumption outside both Australia and New Zealand and is therefore tax free.

All New Zealand wine deliveries into Post Logistics Sydney must be accompanied by:

a) a Nature 20 (N20) if the product is delivered straight into Post Logistics Sydney from New Zealand; or

b) a Continuing Approval (CP) if coming from your warehouse in Australia.

Please ensure you can provide this documentation prior to submitting your wine for selection.

Order Placement

After agreement to purchase your wine, you will receive a Purchase Order issued by Pourshins Australia. The Purchase Order will include the details of the purchase and you are required to acknowledge that the details are correct. You must respond to Pourshins confirming you agree to the Purchase Order.

Once the Purchase Order is agreed, you will be required to hold the stock, at no additional cost, on reserve and awaiting order when needed by Qantas.

When the stock is required, Pourshins Australia will place Call-Off requests against this Purchase Order. On receipt of a Call-Off you then deliver the stock to the destination advised on the Call-Off and invoice Qantas for this stock.

Call-off requests can occur at varying intervals after a Purchase Order has been agreed. Time will be dependant on current stock holding and consumption rates.

You must invoice against each Call-Off not against the Purchase Order.


All invoices and delivery documents accompanying goods, must quote the purchase order number, call-off number and Qantas product code.

Invoices should be forwarded to Pourshins Accounts.

Please do not send invoices direct to Qantas or attached with goods, as this delays processing and therefore, payment to your company.

Payment of your Invoice by Qantas

Payment will be in Australian dollars.

The standard Qantas trading terms are on a '45 days from end of month' basis i.e. invoice payment will be made 45 days from the end of the month in which the invoice is dated.

Delivery of Stock

Your Call-Off will advise you to either direct deliver your wine to a catering centre in Australia (SYD, MEL, BNE, PER or ADL) or it will advise you to deliver your wine to Post Logistics in Sydney.

Direct Delivery

Should your call-off advise you to deliver stock directly to a catering centre then please follow the instruction on the Call-Off.

For any questions regarding delivery of wine please contact Pourshins.

Post Logistics - Delivery

Should your call-off advise you to deliver stock to Sydney Post Logistics warehouse then please follow the instruction on the Call-Off.

Bookings should be made 24 hours in advance of delivery by contacting Post Logistics 02 8855 2863.

Address is:
Post Logistics Australia
6 - 20 Clunies Ross Street

For any questions regarding delivery of wine please contact Pourshins.

Post Logistics - Book-Ins

Delivery booking slot confirmation is required from Post Logistics before delivering goods.

Please contact Post Logistics at least 24 hours prior to planned delivery.

Phone Contact: 02 8855 2863
Email Contact:

You will receive an email confirming your book-in reference.

Delivery arrivals without a booking confirmation may be rejected at the gatehouse or prioritised according to slot availability. Demurrage incurred will be at shipper's expense.

Please note that deliveries made without a book-in may be rejected at the supervisor's discretion.

Post Logistics - Point of Delivery

When delivering goods please report to the Gatehouse for directions to Docks 1 & 2 for standard delivery vehicles or Docks 3 to 12 for container deliveries.

All drivers must wear safety shoes and high visibility clothing when out of the vehicle.

No children under the age of 16 are allowed outside the vehicle.

B-Doubles can be accommodated.

Post Logistics - Delivery Requirements

  • Delivery Hours Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Maximum pallet heights 1.50 meters.
  • One SKU (Item code) per pallet.
  • One Expiry date per pallet.
  • No overhanging pallets.
  • All pallets must be securely wrapped.
  • CHEP pallets only (unless prior arrangement made).
  • Documentation must be present with goods, including all Under Bond related documents. (Under Bond products delivered without full documentation (CP or N20) will be rejected).
  • Costs incurred for rework or resorting of non-compliant product will be charged back to the supplier (unless prior agreement has been made with Pourshins).