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Qantas Inflight Wine Program Supplier Website

Qantas is enormously proud of its inflight wine program. Put simply, it truly reflects the Spirit of Australia.

This website is for current and potential suppliers of wine to the Qantas Wine Program, providing information about the program and facilitating the wine submission process.

The Qantas Inflight Wine Program is accessible to all suppliers of Australian and New Zealand premium wine. Qantas purchases almost exclusively Australian wine, with Champagne and New Zealand wine (for service on flights to and from New Zealand) making up the total purchase.

Qantas has a long history of working with and supporting the Australian Wine Industry and continues to do so through the purchase of premium wine, the administration of the Qantas Wine Panel, the production and distribution of the Qantas Wine Guide, and the endorsement and promotion of premium Australian wine around the world.