The Qantas Inflight Wine Program

The Qantas Inflight Wine Program is an extension of the broader inflight product offering that Qantas delivers to its customers.

From food and beverages to cutlery, amenity kits, pyjamas, glassware, meal carts and soap, Qantas Inflight Services is the team at Qantas responsible for the delivery of the inflight offering.

In line with the expectations of its customers, Qantas seeks to showcase the diversity and quality of Australian wine including wine styles, varietals, regions, wineries and winemakers.

The offering, however, is broader than Australian table wine, with the inclusion of Australian sparkling, Champagne, Australian dessert and fortified wines. Responding to customer requests, Qantas also offers a selection of New Zealand wine on flights to and from New Zealand.

Adding depth to the customer experience, globally recognised chef Neil Perry develops recipes for International First and Business. A passion for matching beautiful wines to fresh, high-quality produce means each meal is a complete and considered experience.

Providing independence and a wealth of extraordinary experience, the Qantas Wine Panel is integral to the selection of the wine Qantas serves. Reviewing thousands of wines each year, the Wine Panel ensures Qantas sets a benchmark for the service of premium Australian wines.

The Qantas Wine Panel is made up of a group of highly experienced Australian winemakers and wine show judges that evaluate wine submissions and identify the finest examples of Australian wine available. The current Wine Panel includes Tom Carson, Vanya Cullen and Stephen Pannell.

The Spirit of Australia

At the heart of the Qantas brand is the Spirit of Australia. The Qantas Wine Program proudly supports the Australian wine industry.

Wine served on Qantas flights is almost exclusively Australian. So, as a significant purchaser of premium Australian wine Qantas has an important role in promoting Australian wine through introducing customers - including those from overseas - to the quality and style of Australian wine.

Wine Products Purchased

Qantas purchases a number of wine styles, these include:

  • Australian table wine in 750ml
  • New Zealand+ table wine in 750ml
  • Australian table wine in 187ml PET
  • Australian fortified wine : Port, Muscat, Tokay
  • Champagne++
  • Australian sparkling white wine in 200ml
  • Australian sparkling moscato rose in 200ml

+ Served on flights to and from New Zealand.

++ Served on International First and Business services.

Program Structure

There are over 35 different wine product streams in the Qantas Wine Program.

Qantas First

International - Champagne, 3 red wine choices, 3 white wine choices, dessert wine, port, muscat and tokay.

Qantas Business

International and Tasman - Champagne, 2 red wine choices, 2 white wine choices, dessert wine and fortified wine.

Domestic Perth City Flyer - sparkling Australian wine, 1 red wine, 2 white wine choices, dessert wine and fortified wine.

Domestic - sparkling Australian wine, 1 red wine and 1 white wine.

Qantas Economy

International and Tasman - sparkling Australian wine, sparkling moscato rose, 2 red wine choices, 2 white wine choices.

Domestic - a choice of red and white wine.

Purchasing and Logistics

The Qantas Inflight Wine Program is centrally administered from Sydney, Australia. This includes wine selection, procurement and logistics for both Qantas' domestic and international operations.

DHL Airline Business Solutions

Who is DHL Airline Business Solutions Australia?

DHL is a logistics supplier to Qantas Inflight. DHL manages, on behalf of Qantas Inflight, the processing of Purchase Orders, the receipt of wine and its delivery to catering centres around the world.

Post Logistics Sydney

DHL has its NDC (National Distributions Centre) in Matraville NSW, Australia which is used to warehouse all products going on Qantas flights. It is from here that product is shipped overseas or pallets are broken down for transport to smaller Australian ports.

What Current Suppliers Say

Submitting wine for review by Qantas is open to all suppliers of Australian and New Zealand wine.

Vasse Felix, Margaret River

"The value of a winery such as Vasse Felix being supported by Qantas can be broadly categorised into both tangible and intangible. In a tangible sense, a winery is 'guaranteed' a secure payment for the goods sold, and this assists with financial planning and management, which improves future profitability. There is also the prospect of follow on sales directly through passengers who visit our Cellar Door in Margaret River, or through other distribution channels. The intangible value is the broad exposure and endorsement we receive. When our wines are served aboard a domestic or international Qantas flight consumers recognise that the winemaker and the wine is of an excellent quality and this enhances the goodwill of the brand."

Mount Langi Ghiran, Grampians

"Although Qantas is obviously a large corporation, Qantas clearly endeavours to support the best of Australian culture, especially with respect to smaller regional producers and suppliers. Inclusion in Qantas inflight menus for brands like Mount Langi in this sense is testament to Qantas' commitment to promoting all that is great about regional Australia. Given that it would be so easy just to hook up with large corporate wine producers...please keep fighting the good fight."

TarraWarra Estate, Yarra Valley

"When asked by people in the wine trade what our most important export market is, they are surprised when we say "Qantas". We say this for several reasons:

  • Qantas has a capacity and willingness to purchase super premium wines for its First class cabin;
  • It is a stable business that meets all purchase commitments it puts in place, providing a stability in the market; and
  • It has tremendous marketing benefits that we can proudly say that our wines are served by our national carrier.


It is interesting to note the comments we receive from our customers about how delighted they are when they see our wines on-board. It is also interesting to see how impressed the travel writers and international wine trade are when we tell them that an airline would be seeking out smaller wineries like TarraWarra Estate.

At a time when the Australian wine industry is seeking to redefine itself internationally based on its quality and diversity, it is pleasing to know that Qantas is leading the field."