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Discover the world with Qantas and our partners

Take a world tour with us and our partners. There's so much to experience - thriving Asian metropolises, African adventures, the wonders of Australia and New Zealand, exotic Latin American culture, cosmopolitan United States & Canada and the picturesque Caribbean islands.

This is your ultimate ticket to Australia and New Zealand. Fly with Qantas and our partners around the world with a choice of stopovers in the Americas, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

You can choose up to seven international stopovers when travelling with Qantas, Emirates, British Airways, American Airlines and LAN.

  • For travel to Australia, a maximum of seven stopovers are permitted on route to Australia
  • Add extra stops in Australia and New Zealand with the Qantas Walkabout Pass.

For routing options, fare prices and conditions, and to book, please contact your local Qantas office.

Note: For bookings made through Qantas Telephone Sales, a fee of £20 per person applies.


Sample Itineraries
London Heathrow - New York - Los Angeles - Melbourne - Singapore - Dubai - London Heathrow
London Heathrow - Dubai - Tokyo - Sydney - Dallas/Fort Worth - London Heathrow
London Heathrow - Dubai - Singapore - Brisbane - Los Angeles - London Heathrow
London Heathrow - Johannesburg - Sydney - Santiago - Maimi - London Heathrow

Important flight information:

  • Travel is valid on flights with a Qantas, British Airways, Emirates, American Airlines or LAN flight number.

Qantas Walkabout Pass

See more of Australia and New Zealand with the Qantas Walkabout Pass. The Qantas Walkabout Pass allows you to add Australian and New Zealand domestic flights to your trip.

Use the Walkabout Pass to visit over 20 destinations within Australia and New Zealand.

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