We continue to strive to reduce our waste-to-landfill.

We work hard to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill and are achieving meaningful results. In 2013/14 we sent 20% less waste to landfill than we did in 2009/10. Our journey of improvement continues. By 2020 we intend to reduce waste sent to landfill by 30% compared to 2009/10 levels.

What we do

Closed Loop Recycling
  • Onboard recycling on selected domestic services
  • Our Sydney operations have adopted an Advanced Waste Treatment process that ensures recyclable or compostable material does not go to landfill
  • We have paper, cardboard and glass recycling in Qantas Club lounges within Australia and recycling programs in our corporate offices.
  • We donate redundant Qantas uniforms to charity to be used in the manufacturing of pillows and mattresses.
  • We have installed recycling bins in public spaces in all major Australian Domestic airport terminals that we occupy.
  • We have committed to implementing our Australian Packaging Covenant Action Plan (July 2010 - June 2015).
  • In 2014 we commenced collecting food waste for composting in our Mascot Campus and selected Qantas loyalty lounges

In-Flight Recycling

We've launched an improved domestic inflight recycling program. Each aircraft will have a recycling bin for cans, bottles, cups and other recyclable material. Coupled with other key programs, this will significantly reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill each year, and most importantly will support keeping Australia beautiful for many years to come. Our goal is to reduce waste to landfill by 30% on 2009/10 levels by 2020. This re-launch of our domestic in-flight recycling program was prompted by feedback from both cabin crew and our customers. We're also working with Closed Loop to develop the capacity to recycle waste from international flights in line with quarantine regulations. Since 2013, using the container deposit scheme in South Australia, the Qantas Q-Can-Crew raises over $45,000 per year for childrens' charities.

How you can help

Qantas Keep Cup
  • The next time you travel within Australia*, we invite you to assist us by separating your recyclable items for collection by the cabin crew. With your help, we aim to continue to recycle approximately 6.5 million bottles, cups and cans per year through this program.
  • Ensure you take any unwanted waste and use our recycling facilities in our airport terminals.
  • Purchase a Qantas KeepCup for your coffee to reduce your reliance on disposable cups.
  • Use our next generation check-in system with your mobile phone to reduce your paper needs.
  • Newspapers are easy to recycle. Recycling one tonne of paper or cardboard saves on average 13 trees and 2.5 barrels of fossil oil.

Case Study: Cans for Kids

Thanks to the vision and drive of a Qantas Customer Service Manager and the backing of his Manager, Adelaide-based Qantas employees have established an innovative recycling program which will help raise vital funds for Time for Kids, a local South Australian charity

The initiative sees Qantas employees collect, sort and transport recyclable articles from inbound Qantas flights to local recycling centres in Adelaide. The funds raised through South Australia's Container Deposit Scheme help the charity to provide much needed early intervention services to disadvantaged at-risk children.

The organisation matches children from birth to 17 years with volunteer individuals and families for regular part time care which will lead the children away from the risks of incarceration, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, youth offending and dropping out of education.

Time for Kids has helped more than 4700 families across SA since it was founded in 1960.

* Includes Economy refreshment, lunch and supper services. Excludes Business and Perth CityFlyer.
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