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Taxes, Fees and Charges

Taxes, fees and charges are correct as at 10 March 2016. Exact amounts applicable will be displayed once all flights are selected.

From Vancouver

Code Name of Tax/Fee/Charge Country Round Trip to
Sydney via QF76/QF75
CA Air Travellers Security Charge Canada C$25.91
XG Goods and Services Tax Canada C$1.00
SQ Airport Improvement Fee Canada C$20.00
RC Harmonized Sales Tax Canada n/a
WY Passenger Service Charge - International Australia C$56.10
AU Passenger Movement Charge Australia C$54.62
QR Passenger Service Charge - Domestic Australia n/a
WG Safety and Security Charge - International and/or domestic Australia n/a
  Total Taxes, Fees and Charges:*  (as at 10 March 2016)   C$157.63
* Third party taxes, fees and charges are subject to change, may vary depending on the itinerary and some exceptions may apply.