Thinking sustainably

Sustainable tourism

Australia is home to some of the world's great natural tourist experiences. Now with Qantas Future Planet, we're getting behind a range of initiatives aimed at protecting our most critical natural assets and preserving them for future generations.

Whether you're from Australia or around the world, we're working with a range of partners and suppliers to help you develop an even closer connection to our country.

Qantas honey

A sweet way to enter the food chain

To play our part in the food chain, we've installed 10 beehives at our Mascot campus. Now we're giving you a taste of Qantas Future Planet's world-leading sustainability thinking by serving our honey onboard international flights when travelling in First or Business.

In a nutshell, we're helping to reduce climate change

Thanks to our customers offsetting their flights, we've been able to help 400 Peruvian farming families prevent the deforestation of their land by sustainably harvesting Brazil nuts, some of which have been served in our First and Business cabins.

Using our size to encourage sustainable tourism

As one of Australia's largest tourism operators, we're giving you access to a range of extraordinary experiences. Through our Qantas Future Planet program, together we can be strong supporters of economically, socially and environmentally sustainable tourism organisations including:


Earthwatch Institute has a range of unique sustainable voluntourism packages offering travellers a rare environmental field research experience. Alongside world-class scientists you will explore breathtakingly beautiful parts of Australia and contribute to important research through monitoring, surveying and photographing threatened species.

Earthwatch Turtles on the Move

Turtles on the move

Explore the wetlands and lakes in and around Melbourne to help determine the population status of the local freshwater turtles. You'll wade through the city's freshwater lakes and creeks to capture turtles, assess their health, and review the condition of their habitat. You'll measure the pH, salinity, and soluble organic content of the water, which help determine the health of the ecosystem. All the data you collect will help scientists and governments answer the pivotal question: how is urbanization impacting the survival of Melbourne's turtles and how can we prevent negative impacts?

Earthwatch Recovery of the Great Barrier Reef

Recovery of the Great Barrier Reef

Be at the forefront of international research into the effects of black band disease and climate change on the reef. You will help assess how the reef is recovering from storms, if any seasonal dynamics exist, and the role of light, temperature and water quality on disease progression. Working across a variety of sites you will conduct underwater surveys tagging and photographing diseased areas, which will then be monitored to assess the coral's condition. With your help we'll uncover the mysteries of coral diseases, and ensure the health of the greatest reef on Earth. Here's your chance to get up close and personal with the most magnificent coral on Earth.

Earthwatch Snorkel for Queensland's Marine Mammals

Snorkel for Queensland's Marine Mammals

Help scientists discover whether the dugongs, dolphins, and sea turtles of Moreton Bay can survive Brisbane's boom. You will join scientists to figure out exactly how pollutants from Brisbane are affecting Moreton Bay by snorkelling, boating, and wading in its clear waters. You will collect ecological data on the sediment, sea grass, and macro invertebrates (insects and crustaceans) to determine how humans are changing the ecosystem.

Earthwatch Project Manta

Project Manta

Build the understanding of manta ray's behaviours and conservation needs. During the expedition, you will take and process photos of manta rays in order to identify individual fish. You will also contribute to a study of manta feeding habits, assist with plankton sampling and analysis, and help film rays for an ongoing behavioural study. The information you gather will help significantly improve species and habitat management plans.

Earthwatch Conserving Koala Country

Conserving Koala Country

Determine how human-induced climate change is reshaping the world of the charismatic koala species. By joining Conserving Koala Country you will be conducting tree measurements and habitat assessments, collecting biological samples, radio tracking, and analysing koala voice recordings. With your help, we'll understand koalas' response to climate change, and be able to develop key plans for the conservation of their habitat. What better way to up close and personal with Australia's most loved marsupial.

Earthwatch Wildlife of Australia's Rainforests

Crystal Creek Cascade

Study the effects of climate change in the Wet Tropics of North Queensland. On this expedition, you'll explore lowland rainforests, spectacular mountains covered in cooler upland rainforests, beaches and coral habitats just off the shore. You'll help scientists in a variety of survey techniques, including bird surveys, lizard surveys, frog surveys, and nocturnal wildlife spotting. You'll be staying in a beautiful camp ground near the research site surrounded by stunning rainforest and unique Australian species. In your spare time, you can swim in isolated rainforest streams and explore the forest trails, or take an excursion to the Great Barrier Reef. What are you waiting for?

Tasmanian Walking Company

The Tasmanian Walking Company has a range of unique ecotourism experiences allowing travellers to explore the rugged beauty of Tasmania's wild places on foot. Immerse yourself in one of the world's most pristine environments while enjoying luxury hospitality and the peace of mind of a genuinely sustainable holiday.

Cradle Mountain Huts Walk

Cradle Mountain Huts Walk

The Overland Track in Tasmania is considered one of the world's iconic walks. Take 6 days to explore the trail and stay in the only private hut accommodation along the track. The Overland Track is located in the World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain - Lake St Clair National Park.

Bay of Fires Lodge Walk

Bay of Fires Lodge

The Bay of Fires Lodge Walk takes you along some of the most pristine beaches in the world. Over 4 days you will walk stretches of beautiful coastline, pass through coastal heath lands and see the spectacular rocky headlands which almost glow with the orange lichen.

Wineglass Bay Sail Walk

Wineglass Bay Sail Walk

Discover the spectacular beaches, peninsulas and islands found along the east coast of Tasmania. Enjoy the wonders of Maria Island, Freycinet Peninsula, Schouten Island and Tasman Peninsula on foot and by sail.

Lirrwi Tourism

Lirrwi Tourism has a range of unique cultural tourism packages offering travellers a rare opportunity to experience life alongside the Yolŋu people of Arnhem Land. Expect to return home with an entirely new view on the world.

Yolngu Dhukarr

Yolngu Dhukarr

This tour has been designed for the more independent traveller and has all the makings of a genuine adventure in culture, visiting three different remote Yolŋu homelands. Not only will you participate in a variety of cultural programs and activities at each homeland, but you will cross a diversity of incredible landscapes during the tour. This tour also provides an opportunity for Yolŋu on remote homelands to share their culture with visitors and provides an economic base for them to be able to remain on country and maintain their culture.

Gay'wu (Dillybag) Tour

Gay'wu (Dillybag) Tour

The Gay'wu (Dillybag) Tour is for women only. In the Yolŋu world there are clearly defined roles and activities undertaken exclusively by women and men. These roles have mutual respect, and many activities, such as dancing and eating are done together. The Yolŋu often say the land is their mother. It nurtures, heals and guides their lives. This is why the female visitor experience and connection to Yolŋu people is often so profound. The Gay'wu (Dillybag) women's tour provides female visitors with the opportunity to connect with their Yolŋu sisters and learn about their culture, history and country. Equally, it is an opportunity to reconnect with every aspect of their own lives.