Reducing our impact

Qantas Future Planet

We recognise the finite nature of the resources we use. So, in addition to Qantas Future Planet's fuel reduction initiatives, we're introducing new programs and technologies to reduce our use of electricity and water, the amount of waste we send to landfill and the impact we have on communities.

Reducing plastic on every flight

Qantas Future Planet is working towards a world with less plastic and less waste. With the launch of plastic-free headsets and pyjamas on our aircraft, we'll divert one metre of plastic per person from landfill on every flight.

In-flight recycling, and its benefit for everyone

In-flight recycling

It's surprising how much waste is created on every flight. But with your help, Qantas Future Planet's domestic in-flight program is now recycling up to 12 tonnes of material every month.

We're also proud to be introducing recycling on international services, with the aim of diverting 350 tonnes of waste from landfill every year.

Using new technology to meet our ambitious utility targets

Qantas Future Planet exists at the cutting edge, and we're constantly evaluating how new technology can deliver energy, water and waste efficiency. We've already made big steps with a hugely successful national LED lighting program, and are now evaluating how we can better use solar and battery power. We're even testing an innovative waste-to-energy solution to help reuse our quarantine waste.

People power

Led by our group-wide Utility Champions, our people are constantly looking for opportunities to reduce our electricity, water and waste-to-landfill to meet our bold Qantas Future Planet 2020 targets.

A fresh start for our fresh food

With the help of Qantas and OzHarvest volunteers, we're cutting waste by donating excess fresh, non-perishable food items to the OzHarvest school-breakfast program.

A community approach to noise management

Improving management of aircraft noise is one of the many ways we continue to develop strong relationships with our communities.

We believe that the best solutions emerge through collaboration, and Qantas is a key participant in community meetings around Australia. At these meetings, residents, the airport and air traffic control work to find noise improvements.

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Australian Packaging Covenant

Qantas is a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant. Read our 2016-2019 Action Plan.