Qantas Hackathon

The Qantas Codeshare Hackathon 5 - 7 August 2016

Following on from last year's inaugural Qantas Codeshare Hackathon, Qantas held the 2nd annual Qantas Codeshare Hackathon at the Qantas Centre of Service Excellence for aspiring and established developers to create apps, products and solutions that improve the lives of all travellers. Hackathon participants received access to publicly available fare information, a feed of available hotels for a particular destination on and more, to come up with awesome solutions to travelling problems.

Hackathon participants could win travel and a chance to work with Qantas to bring their ideas to life.


First place

2 Dam Edgy

Steve Brendish, Ash Fanning, Stuart Hudson, Danielle McClurg, Mark Trinder

Second place

Python On A Plane

Bronte Kalebic, Benjamin Mo, Hayden Van Reyswoud, Emma Young, Henry Zhang

Third place

WeChat WeFly

Brendon Body, Angela Li