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Qantas Revue

Qantas flies thousands of customers safely to their destinations with the help of over 27,000 employees. The values our people display each and every day - being genuine, optimistic, experienced, inventive and together - are intrinsically linked to what makes Australia a great nation.

Qantas' spirit of giving doesn't stop at our strong community investment program. Our people also contribute countless hours and skills to many important causes. Go behind the scenes at Qantas to see our people in action using the links below.

Qantas Pathfinders


In 1967, whilst on a routine flight, Qantas Chief Steward Pat McGann read about a boy dying of leukaemia. He passed the hat around the crew to buy toys for the boy but by the time they got home, the boy had died.

As a result, Pat gave the toys to the children at the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC). Pat was so impressed with the work of RIDBC that he formed a committee to raise money for the children. The committee was named Pathfinders after the famed World War II squadron which dropped flares to light the way.

Today Pathfinders consists of cabin crew, technical crew, ground staff and former Qantas employees, who raise money through activities that are a combination of fun and fundraising. Last year Pathfinders raised over $300,000 through events such as the Revue, Trivia Nights and the Annual Charity Flights.

Qantas Cabin Crew Team

Qantas Cabin Crew Team

The Qantas Cabin Crew Team (QCCT), made up of Cabin Crew, Pilots, Ground Staff, family and friends, helps those less fortunate by providing support and practical assistance to disadvantaged people around the world.

The QCCT was founded in 1979 by Qantas flight attendant Laurie Curley, who realised he could use his days off overseas to assist the locals in need. After discussing the idea of a team project with other Cabin Crew, Laurie organised the group to paint a Red Cross orphanage during a layover in Bangkok.

The QCCT is a registered charity made up entirely of volunteers from all areas of the Qantas network. QCCT currently has 740 members with 90% being current Qantas Staff from a range of areas across the Qantas business. 10% of QCCT members are retired Qantas staff or are family and friends of Qantas Staff. QCCT members come from a range of locations both domestically and internationally.

The QCCT now conducts volunteer trips in South Africa, Zimbabwe, India, Thailand, the Philipines and Australia.

Workplace Giving Program

Workplace Giving Program

Qantas partners with Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Australia to deliver its Workplace Giving program.

CAF is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to getting the best for other charities and their donors. Founded in Australia in 1999, CAF is a committed to facilitating the most effective and efficient ways to connect donors to the causes that matter to them and for money to get where it's needed.

Workplace Giving allows Qantas employees to make pre-tax donations to their favourite charity via Qantas Payroll. Not only is it easy and feels good, but our employees' favourite charities receive the full donation because Qantas covers all administration costs.

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