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Qantas Meteorology

From chasing tail winds to dodging storm cells, weather patterns play a key role in shaping how and where we fly. Discover more about the world of aviation and weather at our live chat with Qantas Meteorology.

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The Recruit

We held a live chat with the final 3 players of The Recruit, a 10-week Fox8 TV series following the journeys of 13 elite footballers seeking an AFL contract, as they headed into the live finale. Congratulations to Johann Wagner, our 2014 winner!

Live Blog The Recruit - live chat

Qantas cabin crew

In our first cabin crew live chat, crew members Tanya and Brett shared what it's like to work at 30,000 ft. With experience across the international and domestic network, they answered questions from aspiring Qantas crew members around the world.

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Captain Ossie Miller

We caught up with Qantas 747 Fleet Captain Ossie Miller to learn all things aircraft and flying. From his favourite ports to land in, to the most critical phases of a flight, our Facebook audience tapped into his extensive experience and knowledge in this one-hour live chat.

Live Blog Captain Ossie Miller - Qantas 747 Fleet Captain

Qantas uniform panel

Our gorgeous new Martin Grant uniforms launched globally on 12 December 2013. Our Qantas Uniform Panel hosted a live chat to answer any questions around the roll out - from when to wear the trench coats to why the bright fuschia pink was incorporated.

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