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Qantas is the second oldest airline in the world founded in 1920.

How big is an aircraft?


Aircraft Length Wingspan
Avro 504K 9.0m 11.0m
Boeing 707 44.1m 39.6m
Boeing 738 39.5m 34.3m
Boeing 747 70.4m 64.4m
Airbus 380 72.6m 79.8m

Avro 504K

Avro 504K
  • The first aircraft Qantas flew was an Avro 504K.
  • The first scheduled Qantas passenger service was in 1922 which was 2 years after Qantas started.
  • Qantas started up only 17 years after the Wright brothers became the first to fly an aircraft.

Boeing 707

Boeing 707
  • Qantas entered the Jet Age in 1959 with the Boeing 707 service to the USA.
  • The B707 replaced propeller-driven and piston-engine aircraft worldwide revolutionising aviation.
  • The time to travel on the Kangaroo route between Australia and the UK took 33hours on the B707. Before the jet age it took a massive 63 hours.
  • Seven Boeing 707 jet aircraft were initially ordered so Qantas could go to London and New York.

Boeing 738

Boeing 738
  • Boeing has created 12 different versions of the B737 since 1965 and Qantas operates the best selling version the B737-800 (which is B738 for short)
  • Qantas mainly uses the B738 to fly domestically around Australia.
  • The B737 aircraft can reach a maximum cruising height or altitude of 12.5km above the ground which is 600m higher than other aircraft its size.

Boeing 747

Boeing 747
  • The B747 was the world's largest aircraft for four decades up until the A380 was created.
  • 75,000 engineering drawings were used to produce the first Boeing 747.
  • The B747 has a flexible cabin interior that allows the seats to be rearranged in eight hours.
  • The height of the B747 tail is 19.4m which is the same as a six-story building.
  • The B747 is the most recognised aircraft in the world as it has a bubble nose with the top deck extending about 1/3 of the total length of the aircraft.

Airbus 380

Airbus 380
  • The A380 is the world's biggest passenger jet aircraft and the first to have two decks along its full length.
  • The A380 wingspan is longer than the actual length. Wingspan: 80m, Length: 72.7m
  • The A380 double-decker is the length of eight buses and has enough room on its wings to park 70 cars.
  • The A380 has 50 percent more floor area than the B747.
  • The first double-deck jet airliner was the B747.
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