Australian Immigration and Border Protection (Customs and Quarantine)

Things to know before you go

When you travel, each country has its own immigration and border protection requirements. Visit the IATA Travel Centre to obtain information about the country you are visiting.

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection manages the movement of goods and people across the Australian border, and each state and territory enforces their own local quarantine restrictions.

  • Restrictions apply to goods and currency that you can bring into and take out of Australia. Bringing items into Australia details what you can and can't bring into Australia, and what you must declare. If you are an Australian travelling abroad and you intend to purchase goods overseas, make sure you shop wisely and know what goods you'll need to declare on your return. The easiest way to check what you can and can’t bring back to Australia is to visit Can I bring it back?

  • Declare your cash before you travel. If you're carrying more than AUD$10,000 in cash (or foreign currency equivalent) on your international trip, you must declare it.

  • Duty free limits apply to all travellers to Australia. Learn your duty free limits before you travel. Remember you can always buy before you fly from our In Sky Shopping catalogue.

For further information visit the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website.