Your journey through the airport is easier than ever

Check in for your domestic flight in the way that's easiest for you. Whether that's on your mobile, on your tablet or at home on your desktop.

Ways to check in for your flight

This is for flights within Australia only and currently not available for international travel.

Check in on your mobile from 24 hours up until 30 minutes before your flight leaves.


  • Visit on your mobile
  • Choose "Check-in" or "Manage booking"
  • Choose the passengers to check in
  • If you're coming back the same day you can check in for your return flight too
  • We'll send you an SMS with your boarding pass.

Check in on the Qantas app

If you don't have it already, download our Qantas app for Apple, or Qantas app for Android. You'll see your upcoming trips, hotel information and other useful details. We'll tell you in the app when check in opens for domestic flights, or ask you to visit to check in for international travel.

Travelling with carry-on only?

  • Head through security and straight to the gate

Got bags to check in?

Don't forget you need to check your bags in at least 30 mins or more before departure.

  • Head to the bag drop counter or auto bag drop kiosks
  • Print luggage labels and attach to bags
  • Scan your boarding pass, place on the belt and follow the prompts.

Find out more about Checked and Carry-on baggage allowances.

Check in online to get your journey started

First, check if your flight is eligible for online check-in.

All set? Follow these four simple steps

  1. Make sure you're within the correct time frames. Online check-in is available from 24 hours until 30 minutes before the flight leaves for Domestic flights. For international travel, it's 24 hours until 2 hours before departure
  2. Enter your booking reference and last name to find your booking. You can also do this through Manage Booking or Your Bookings if you're a Qantas Frequent Flyer
  3. Choose the 'Checkin/Print Boarding Pass' button, where your flight details are listed, then follow the 5 easy steps
  4. Print and take your Boarding Pass with you to the airport.

Use Mobile Check-in if you'd prefer to have your boarding pass on your mobile device for Australian Domestic flights.

Travelling with checked bags?

Don't forget you need to drop your bags at least 30 minutes before departure for domestic flights and 90 minutes for international flights.

Flying within Australia?

Check in easily at our self-serve kiosks located in the departure area before security. If you're travelling with bags, you can print bag tags before dropping them off at the bag drop kiosk. Our customer service agents are on hand to offer help if you need.

At the check-in kiosk you can also:

  • Check-in for your return flight that same day.+
  • Change to an earlier flight.#
  • View your flight booking details.
  • Check-in a companion travelling on the same flight in the same cabin but on a different booking.
  • Check-in groups.
  • Input your Frequent Flyer details.~
  • Upgrade your flight using Qantas Points.**

Heading overseas?

You've got two options:

Head to our check-in counters in the departure zone with your passport and E-Ticket, Qantas Booking Reference or any other relevant international travel documents.

Look for our check-in kiosks if you're flying from Brisbane or Sydney*, which offer a fast and easy check-in, whether you're travelling with or without bags.

Follow the prompts on screen to check-in at the kiosk, collect your boarding pass and tag any checked bags.

At the check-in kiosk you can also:

  • View your flight booking details.
  • Choose or change your allocated seat.
  • Check-in a companion travelling on the same flight in the same cabin but on a different booking.
  • Check-in groups who meet visa requirements.
  • Input your Frequent Flyer details~.

Our dedicated Premium Services


Platinum, Gold, Silver Frequent Flyers, Qantas Club members and customers travelling in Business can check-in or drop off baggage at the Premium Service Desk when travelling on domestic flights.
The friendly, professional staff at our Premium Service Desks can arrange your international connections, help make changes to your journey and assist with any advice you may need.


First passengers and Platinum Frequent Flyers are able to check-in at the exclusive First check-in area at selected international airports, and fast-track through Immigration.

Business customers, Gold and Silver Frequent Flyers members, and oneworld Rubys have access to dedicated Business check-in counters in all international ports.

Premium Economy passengers and Qantas Club members have access to dedicated check-in counters in selected international ports.

Important information

* Customers travelling from Sydney to Shanghai or Johannesburg, customers with oversize baggage or requiring special assistance, customers without the correct visa, and unaccompanied minors are unable to use this service. All customers regardless of nationality and destination will be subject to travel document checks by Customer Service Agents.

+ You can check-in for your return flight if it is within 12 hours of departure and you only have carry-on baggage.

# Subject to the fare conditions of the ticket you have purchased.

~ Including any Qantas affiliated frequent flyer program.

** Only available to Platinum and Gold Frequent Flyers and Qantas Club members who are upgrading single traveller bookings and is subject to availability and fare conditions.

This is for flights within Australia only and currently not available for international travel.

What is Auto Check-in?

If you haven't already checked in via or the Qantas app, the Auto Check-in service will send an SMS prior to your flight, inviting you to access your boarding pass.

Make sure you update your mobile number in Manage Booking or Frequent Flyer Profile before your flight to use this service.

With three simple clicks, we'll confirm you're checked-in and you'll have your boarding pass on your mobile device - you're now 'ready to fly'. It's that easy!

Travelling with bags?

If you need to check bags, simply print your bag tags from a kiosk or bag tag printer and head to Bag Drop*. If your bags have Q Bag Tags, go straight to Bag Drop*.

Mobile and Online Check-in eligibility table

Eligibility table

First flight operated by: Next onward flight inside 24 hrs operated by: Mobile check-in: Online
Qantas or QantasLink domestic Australia No connecting flights tick^ tick
  Qantas or QantasLink Australian domestic  tick^ tick 
  Jetstar Australia domestic or Jetstar New Zealand domestic  cross  cross 
  Qantas International, Jetstar International, Oneworld, Codeshare partner  cross  tick 
Qantas international (QF1-199)  Qantas international  cross  tick~
  Jetstar international  cross tick 
  oneworld partners  cross  tick 
  Other designated international partners  cross  tick 
  Codeshare partners  cross  tick 
Jetstar domestic, international or New Zealand domestic    cross  cross 
oneworld partners, codeshare partners or other designated international partners   cross cross


  • Unaccompanied minors must check-in at the airport.
  • Customers who have specific needs can use Online Check-in, however in some instances a boarding pass will not be issued until you arrive at the airport. See our Specific Needs Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Check-in times for partner airlines can vary, so online check-in may not be available for your connecting flight at the time you check in online for your Qantas flight. Online Check-in for your connecting flight depends on the partner airline's check-in times and the length of your Qantas flight.

^ Mobile check-in is not available at Lord Howe Island.
~ Online check-in is not available for flights departing Port Moresby.

Check-in times

Check-in times vary by departure port, so you'll need to check the airport guide for your departure city before you leave for the airport. You'll also need to allow extra check-in time if you require mobility assistance.

Flight Departing: Recommended Check-in Latest Check-in
Domestic (QF400 and above). 45 minutes 30 minutes
Domestic Qantas codeshare services operated by Jetstar (QF5000-QF5999). 60 minutes 30 minutes
Domestic connecting to International travel (QF400 and above).

For example: Canberra to Sydney to Los Angeles.
60 minutes 45 minutes
Domestic travel where your flight departs from an Australian international terminal (QF1-QF399). 120 minutes 60 minutes
Group check-in for domestic flights (QF400 and above) or for domestic travel where your flight departs from an Australian international terminal (QF1-QF399). 90 minutes 60 minutes
International Qantas operated services at all Australian international airports (QF1-QF399). Economy/Premium Economy
120 minutes

90 minutes

Economy/Premium Economy
90 minutes

60 minutes

International Qantas codeshare services operated by Jetstar at all Australian international airports. 120 minutes 60 minutes
Travel on oneworld partners, codeshare partners or other designated international partners. Contact the operating carrier for their recommended check-in times.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can also search our FAQs for further information on check-in.