Qantas upgrades Boeing 747-400 experience

Enjoy a state-of-the-art cabin environment and an exceptional customer experience on our refitted Qantas Boeing 747-400 aircraft, which is aligned with our flagship A380 offering.

Customers in Business now enjoy new cabin mood lighting and the award-winning fully-flat Skybed designed by Marc Newson and our Economy customers also receive a new level of comfort with a custom-designed seat featuring a unique footrest net and ergonomic cushioning as well as a self-service snack bar.

The latest technology

Enjoy the latest inflight technology with large in-seat screens in every cabin offering over 1500 entertainment options including the digital games, Lonely Planet destination guides and a dedicated kids section. Create your own individual playlists and access PC power and USB ports in all cabins.

An exceptional customer experience

You'll arrive at your destination in great shape after experiencing our roomy new cabin interior, mood lighting (in Business), ergonomically designed seating and the self-service snack bar with healthy snacks and drinks (in Economy).

The Aircraft

The B747-400 Reconfiguration Program includes the complete fit out of the aircraft interior including new seats and new cabin configurations. The newly-configured aircraft are fitted with 364 seats: 58 Business, 36 Premium Economy and 270 Economy. The seats in all three cabins have won awards for their design and comfort, including the 2009 Australian International Design Award for the Economy seat.

There are now nine Boeing 747-400 aircraft operating on selected B747 routes including Brisbane-Los Angeles, Sydney-Dallas, Sydney-Santiago, Sydney-Los Angeles- New York, and Brisbane -Singapore.

For First customers travelling between Australia and the US, the A380 First suite will continue to be available on QF11 and QF12 between Sydney and Los Angeles and QF93 and QF94 between Melbourne and Los Angeles.

View the new B747-400 layout plan.

  • Transforms into a fully flat Skybed - 60.9cm (24in) bed width
  • 203.2cm (80in) seat pitch and bed length
  • Powerful back massage feature
  • Enhanced privacy divider
  • Softer leather armrests
  • Larger 30.7cm (12.1in) in arm entertainment screen
  • Additional personal storage
  • Dedicated cabin
  • 96.5cm (38in) seat pitch with 49.5cm (19.5in) seat width and 22.8cm (9in) recline
  • Adjustable headrest and integrated leg rest with fold out footrest
  • Larger 26.9cm (10.6in) wide‐screen in‐arm touch‐screen monitor
  • Cocktail table
  • Noise cancelling head phones
  • 78.7cm (31in) seat pitch with seat width up to 44.9cm (17.7in) and 15.2cm (6in) recline
  • Single beam seat design provides greater leg room
  • Innovative netted footrest for extra leg support
  • Articulating seat base and ergonomic cushions
  • Larger 26.9cm (10.6in) widescreen entertainment touch screen monitor
  • Exclusive carbon fibre backshell design