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Made up of over 17,000 islands and sprawling east to west across over 5,000km, the archipelago of Indonesia joins South-East Asia with Oceania. Pristine blue waters and some world-class surf breaks form a stunning focus against a backdrop of rainforest and mountains. Considered by divers as one of the best diving spots, with hundreds of species of tropical fish and colourful coral. The fauna and flora ranges from the prehistoric giant Komodo lizard, Orang Utan, to wild orchids and the Rafflesia, the world’s largest flower. Then there is Bali, the iconic holiday destination. With its enchanting culture, beaches, and resorts to cater for the leisure seeker or the intrepid traveller, it is no wonder why so many expats didn't want to leave. The warmth and hospitality of the Indonesian people isn't easily forgotten.

Bali Bali


Bali, Indonesia

Once a stopover for intrepid surfers in the last stages of the hippie trail, Bali now brings in all types of travellers for the islands version of the great value Asian beach holiday.

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Jakarta Jakarta


Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia's huge industrious capital is bursting with history and modern life, known for its unforgiving traffic and smog, it offers all that is expected from a big city.

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