Baggage Allowance

Your baggage allowance depends on your travel class and itinerary. To find out your baggage allowance (excluding Frequent Flyer additions), either login or view your ticket. You can also view checked and carry on allowances for Qantas operated flights on our full Qantas website.

Additional Baggage Allowance

If you think your bags will exceed your allowance, why not pre-purchase an Additional Baggage Allowance online at qantas.com before you go? The rates are lower than excess baggage charges and Qantas Frequent Flyers can pay using points.

Delayed or Missing Baggage

If your baggage is not available for collection on arrival and you have not been notified via SMS with a reference number, report it to the Baggage Services desk before you leave the airport. You will be able to track its progress with the reference number that you are given.

Damaged Baggage

If your baggage is damaged, report it to the Baggage Services desk before you leave the airport.

Items Left On Board

You'll need to check with the local baggage services office at the airport of your arrival if you have any lost property. Please note that Qantas cannot take responsibility for any items left onboard.

Contact Baggage Services

If you don't have a reference number for your damaged, delayed or missing baggage, contact us in Australia on 1300 306 980 between 7am and 9pm AEST, 7 days per week.

Time Limits

It's best to advise Qantas immediately of any lost or damaged baggage. However, if you leave the airport without filling the report, you can still advise us within the following time frames.

  •   DamageDelay
  • Domestic flights Only 3 days 21 days
  • International flights 7 days 21 days

Information about damaged baggage

Except to the extent required by law, Qantas is not liable for fragile,perishable or valuable items.

Qantas is not liable for minor damage caused to baggage due to normal wear and tear, including scratches and dents or damage to straps, hooks or other external features attached to the baggage.

In the United States, the Transportation Security Admistration (TSA) regularly performs baggage inspections. Any locks or other fastening devices used on your baggage may be removed. If the TSA has inspected your baggage, written notification will be placed inside the baggage. If, on receipt of your baggage, you locate some notification from the TSA inside, you may contact the TSA about the inspection on +1 866 289 9673 or email TSA-ContactCentre@dhs.gov.