South Australia

South Australia

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South Australia might claim to be the country's wine capital, however it blends more than just grapes and wine. Start in the state's capital, Adelaide, with a vibrant mix of arts, culture, fine dining and delicious local wines. Laid back and relaxed, it sets the tone for what else is in store. Even though it's the driest state in Australia, the locals escape the heat at many of the spectacular beaches with clear, turquoise waters. If it's wildlife you're after, head to Kangaroo Island, a unique wildlife sanctuary where you can get up close and personal with the locals. Head inland and you'll encounter the same warm, friendly spirit that's earned the locals a reputation for being some of the most welcoming in the country.  

Adelaide Adelaide


Adelaide, SA

With its festivals, city beaches, a thriving small bar scene and attractions like Barossa and Kangaroo Island on its doorstep, there’s plenty to love about Adelaide.

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Kangaroo Island Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island, SA

Freedom isn’t a state of mind, it’s an island. Qantas is now flying carbon neutral to Kangaroo Island from Adelaide year round, and from Melbourne in December and January^^.

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Port Lincoln coffin bay

Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln, SA

Port Lincoln is the hidden gem of South Australia. A natural playground of protected beaches, scenic coastline, and some of the most fascinating - and terrifying - sea life in the world.

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