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Agent Rebated Travel
Qantas North America Agent Rebated Travel Policy

Agent Rebated Travel is available for travel on Qantas flights with 'QF' flight number operated by Qantas to IATA Travel Agency locations and licensed Agents.

Travel Agents are permitted to book AD50 rebated travel on Qantas via their GDS, and self-ticket. For AD75 bookings the agent will need to contract Qantas directly to make a reservation.


For Qantas operated International and Domestic Australia services:

The applicant must be

  • sole proprietor,
  • partner,
  • director or a travel consultant;
  • employee of an agency ^

^ Travel Consultants must hold a valid IATA Travel Agent ID Card, be employed full time and have worked in an accredited agency for no less than twelve (12) months promoting travels including air transportation, and not be under suspension.

Spouse/Defacto Travel

A spouse/defacto of the travel consultant is eligible for Agent Rebated travel.

The spouse/defacto must

  • have been cohabiting for twelve months or more
  • travel on the same itinerary at the same time on all sectors

Identification of Spouse/Defacto is via;

  • Statutory Declaration,
  • Copy of the marriage certificate
  • Or three forms of evidence (e.g. Statement in joint names, rates, and electricity account)

Parents and children of Travel Agents are not eligible for rebated travel and Qantas Points cannot be earned on agent rebated travel.

For full eligibility refer to Resolution 880 in the IATA Travel Agents Handbook.

Trade Embargoes/Blackouts

Due to commercial demand, some flights may be restricted for agent discount travel. Embargoes/blackouts for Qantas International and Qantas Domestic flights can be found in the Amadeus Information System (AIS). Embargoes/blackouts for QantasLink are advised on application.


Travel Agents must call Qantas North America Sales Support (1 800 227 4795), a minimum of 5 working days prior to travelling.

Agents should have a current valid IATA/IATAN card at the time of calling. A booking should already be made for an AD50 reservation. Once these details are reviewed and approved, an authority number will be provided. The authority must be shown in the booking and on the rebated ticket (in the Endorsements/Restrictions field). One authority is issued per person.

An agent discount is only available if the eligible staff member and his or her Spouse/Defacto are travelling together 100 percent of an entire itinerary.

Bookings can be made through your GDS system for conditionally confirmed space or through Qantas Telephone Sales (1800 227 4500) for space available listings. Reservations are permitted within the following time frames:

  • International: 5 to 28 days prior to departure
  • Domestic Australia: 5 to 14 days prior to departure
Fare Type

To determine if an Agent Rebated Travel discount can be applied to a particular fare type - refer to paragraph 25 of the Air Tariff rule for that fare type.

Travel may be on either

  • Conditionally confirmed (AD50) or
  • Space Available (AD75) basis for the consultant.

Waitlists are not permitted on AD50 tickets.

A fare type of AD50 and AD75 means the fare level paid is 50% or 25% of the applicable fare. The airfare is calculated at the appropriate percentage rate and rounded up to the nearest dollar.

The fare conditions must be complied with including Flight Application, Transfers, and Stopovers.

Change Fees, Refund conditions. Exception: The maximum stay on AD75/AD50 tickets is three (3) months from the date of commencement of travel.

Frequent Flyer

Passengers travelling on Agent Rebated Travel tickets (AD75/50) will not earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points or status credits.

Specific Needs

Special meals and seat requests are not permitted, except when the passenger suffers from a serious medical condition.

For serious medical conditions a Medical Clearance Form (Qantas form 464) must be completed and returned to Qantas at least two weeks prior to departure.

Domestic Travel
  • AD75 - 25 percent of published Y Class Economy Class fare (Y)
  • AD50 - 50 percent of published Y Class Economy / J Class Business fare (Y and J)

Travel may be on either a conditionally confirmed (AD50) or space available (AD75) basis for the consultant. Waitlists are not permitted.

Discounts are available to the eligible staff member's spouse/de-facto at an AD75 level only in economy class space available, for recreational purposes only. The Agent and spouse/de-facto must travel on the same itinerary at the same time on all sectors.

The spouse/de-facto is not permitted to travel unaccompanied. Confirmed space rebated travel is not available to the spouse/de-facto.

For confirmed space travel, create the booking in the normal manner and sell by direct segment entry only.

For space available travel, i.e AD75, GDS Agents should contact Qantas North America Industry Sales (1800 227 4795) to make a booking on the applicable flight and a space available booking will be created.

Agent rebated travel is not permitted on services with a QF flight number but are not commercial air travel example, launches, buses or charter services.


Procedures as per those for travel on Qantas domestic Australian services,

  • except travel is not permitted between Lord Howe Island and Brisbane.
  • AD50 travel is subject to space only
International Travel
  • AD75 - 25 percent of published B Class Economy (B) / J Class Business class (J)
  • AD50 - 50 percent of published B Class Economy (B) / J Class Business class (J)

Travel may be on either a conditionally confirmed (AD50) or space available (AD75) basis for the consultant.

Waitlists are not permitted on AD50 reservations.
Travel is not permitted in First Class or Premium Economy Cabins.

Discounts are available to the eligible staff member's spouse at an AD50 level only, in Economy and Business class, for recreational purposes only. The Agent and Spouse must travel together on all flights.

Agent rebated travel is not permitted on codeshare services i.e. services must have a Qantas flight number and must be operated by Qantas.

Booking Classes

For interline travel, refer to each carrier for booking classes required.

Qantas Domestic

AD50M ClassDomestic Economy - Agent
AD50I ClassDomestic Business - Agent
AD75E ClassDomestic Economy - Agent/Spouse

Qantas International

AD50M ClassInternational Economy - Agent/Spouse
AD50D ClassInternational Business - Agent/Spouse
AD75E ClassInternational Economy - Agent
AD75I ClassInternational Business - Agent

Travel Category

DomesticTravel Category Code
Economy AD75N60Y/Y4099
Economy AD50N39Y/Y4099

InternationalTravel Category Code
Economy AD50N39Y/Y4099 (Spouse/De-facto)
Business AD50N39J/J1999 (Spouse/De-facto)
Economy AD75N46Y/Y4099 (Agent)
Business AD75N46J/J1999 (Agent)

  • Electronic tickets may be issued provided carriage is 100 percent on Qantas and/or QantasLink Services
  • Self-write tickets must be issued five (5) or more days prior to travel.
  • Agents may self-ticket rebated travel (AD50) provided the carriage is 100 percent Qantas.

IATA Agents can issue tickets plated to Qantas with the following entries:

Ticket FieldRequired Content
Fare Basis (QF only)Domestic Australia; NAD75 or NAD50 (Economy or Business class)
International; NAD50 or NAD75 followed by a slash and the fare basis being used
Status BoxHK for conditionally confirmed space.
Open dated for space available.
Endorsement/RestrictionsValid QF only (QF sectors only)
Non-Endorsable Authority number
Agent ID No. Travel Category
Not valid after box90 days from commencement of travel or 90 days from issue date if open dated.
Commission rate boxNil

Tickets should be submitted through BSP/ARC with the Sales Return in the normal way. Agent discount tickets are non-commissionable.

Non IATA accredited consultants can choose to ticket through a Consolidator, or alternatively, ticket through Qantas.


All government, airport taxes and charges and GST must be paid in addition to the airfare, at time of ticket issuance.


Refunds are permitted where the published fare rule permits and can be processed through BSP/ARC in the usual manner.

It is advisable to ticket as close to your booking date as possible, but no more than 5 days before the outbound travel date.

Qantas Club Access

Access to the Qantas Club Lounge is available to customers with a current Qantas Club membership

Form of Payment

Credit card is the acceptable form of payment.

Check in

Proof of identity is required at check-in. Agents must ensure that when travelling on a rebated ticket you always carry your valid IATA Travel Agent ID card or valid IATA 'red' card with you. At check-in any spouse or de-facto travelling on a rebated ticket must produce photographic ID (e.g. driver's license or passport is required for international travel).

Check-in times:

Check-in for all cabins at the economy class counter, including for tickets that are upgradeable.

  • International travel departing from Domestic or International terminals is 2 hours prior to the departure time.
  • Domestic Australia travel departing from an International terminal is 1 hour prior to departure time.
  • Domestic Australia departing from a Domestic terminal is 45 minutes prior to the departure time.

The fare paid determines class of travel. AD75/50 passengers are not entitled to upgrades.

In the unlikely event that you are asked to disembark (this can occur on both AD50 and AD75 travel) every effort will be made to help in making alternative travel arrangements. Your co-operation and understanding will be appreciated.

Qantas will endeavour to notify in advance of the possibility of offload, thereby providing the opportunity either to secure seats by paying the full fare, as other commercial passenger's would, or booking a less popular date

Dress Code

Passengers travelling on agent rebated travel must maintain a high standard of dress and grooming - neat, clean and conservative. Qantas requires the following minimum standards for embarkation and disembarkation. Failure to comply with these standards may result in refusal of boarding or upgrade. The final decision in this regard is at the discretion of Airport Management.

Please make note other airlines may also enforce more stringent dress standards. If in doubt, please contact the appropriate airline.

Business Class TravelAcceptableNot Acceptable
Suit, trousers (including cords, dress jeans - not blue denim).
Business shirts and smart collared casual shirts may be worn open necked.
Ties, jackets, jumpers are optional.
Tracksuits, blue denim jeans or jeans with cut off and frayed hems, designer holes etc.
Shorts, T-shirts, singlets, overly revealing clothing, rubber thongs or bare feet.
Female PassengersDress, suit, skirt/pants (including dress jeans - not blue denim), 3/4 pants and blouse/top.
Jacket is optional.
Tracksuits, blue denim jeans or jeans with cut off and frayed hems, designer holes etc.
Shorts, T-shirts, singlets, bare midriffs,strapless tops/dresses, overly revealing clothing, rubber thongs or bare feet.

Economy Class TravelAcceptableNot Acceptable
Adult PassengersClean, neat and conservative appearance.
All passengers should be well groomed at all times. Tidy denim jeans, near knee-length dress shorts, including denim and T-shirts, are acceptable - but no upgrade will be given
Tracksuits, blue denim jeans or jeans with cut off and frayed hems, designer holes etc.
Shorts, T-shirts, singlets, bare midriffs, strapless tops/dresses, overly revealing clothing, rubber thongs or bare feet.

  • Blue denim jeans are not acceptable in Business. Other items of blue denim material such as skirts, dresses and shirts are acceptable in Business Class.
  • Any extremes of leisure wear are not acceptable - including sweatshirts/T-shirts with questionable graphics or language.
  • Personal hygiene standards must be exemplary.
  • National Dress of smart appearance is acceptable in all cabins.

    On long-haul flights, it is acceptable to change into a plain coloured tracksuit after take-off.